Russian Civil War

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  • Modernism In China

    China has roughly five thousand years of history, but this paper will begin in 1840, when the Opium War of 1840— an Anglo-Chinese war fought between the United Kingdom and the Qing in China over conflicting viewpoint of diplomatic relations and trade—took place. The Opium war led to a great weakening of the Chinese people and the start of the Self-Strengthening Movement (SSM) that lasted from 1861 to 1895. The movement yearned to strengthen…

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  • Analysis Of Michael Shaara's The Killer Angels

    the Battle of Gettysburg, in a way that allows the reader the ability to visualize each scene as it unfolded in the past.. The Battle of Gettysburg is regarded as one of the bloodiest battles fought on America soil and was a turning point in the civil war. The Confederates took the offensive while the Union defended the higher ground. These events, normally told from a third person view are now told through the eyes of soldiers who documented their experiences. In The Killer Angels, the…

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  • Character Traits Of Henry Ford

    BIOGRAPHY OF HENRY FORD YOUNG LIFE OF HENRY FORD Henry Ford life started on 30 July 1863. He is the first son to William and Mary Ford’s among six children. Ford’s family stayed at Springwells Township, Wayne Country. His family worked on palmy farm. He started showed an early interest in all mechanical stuff even in a one-room school. By becoming friends with the man who run the full-sized steam engines, he started learn about steam engine from them. At an early age he taught himself to fix…

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  • Mississippi River Importance

    In the 1800’s and throughout all history the Mississippi River has been such a critical part of the United States of America. To emphasize the importance of the Mississippi River, here are some facts to show how much of an effect on the great nation of America. Notably, in Kieran Walsh’s book, The Mississippi, she states that the Mississippi has several tributaries including the Missouri, Arkansas, and Ohio rivers (Walsh 5). All of these, help make the Mississippi River what it is now.…

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  • Slavery In The Middle Passage Essay

    The Slave Trade was a very brutal thing. Slaves were treated worse than most animals, and had no rights at all. They were shipped off in exchange for raw materials that usually had very little value at all. These human beings were sometimes stolen by their neighbours, or even their family members to be sold. Their way of life was absolutely terrible. Whoever sold the slaves, had no regard to their rank, or possessions. Before they would get on the boat, they were stripped of all the…

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  • A Woman Named Solitude Analysis

    Our history books don’t teach us much about the slave’s perspective on slavery, only the white man’s point of view. They don’t seem to go into detail about how their culture was broken when taken from their homeland, and forced to forget their sacred traditions that were passed on to them generation after generation. A Woman Named Solitude does just that. This inspiring story follows a young girl named Solitude as she tries her hardest to overcome the challenges slavery puts in front of her.…

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  • The Pelican Brief Analysis

    In John Grisham’s novel The Pelican Brief the reader is able to identify how our own government protects the environment. Grisham is an author of thrillers. His main characters are often lawyers confronting dangerous situations (Gale Encyclopedia). In The Pelican Brief he uses a law student that is writing a legal brief about an environmental issue. What Darby Shaw uncovered in her paper brought awareness to many Americans about the laws protecting environment from the oil industry, but also…

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  • Walt Whitman O Captain My Captain Analysis

    Whitman’s Love of Lincoln Walt Whitman’s poem, “O Captain! My Captain!,” tells of a young man coming back from a battle on a ship. However, the captain has, “fallen cold and dead” (8), and the young man weeps for his captain’s death. Whitman is writing about Abraham Lincoln after he died, Whitman in deep grief and mourning. He captures the funeral of the captain by alluding to Lincoln and soldiers, the grief of someone who is close, changes the tone to match the people and himself, and captures…

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  • The Events Of Solomon Northup's 12 Years A Slave

    In 1853, 12 Years A Slave, was written by Solomon Northup; however, this book was published in 2014. Northup 's book was a true story about himself and how started out as a free man, but then got captured into slavery in Washington D.C. Solomon only gives us the truthful facts about his experience. As he was captured, he was leaving behind a wife and children. Throughout the book Solomon encounters multiple people, who also captured into slavery, especially women by the name of Eliza and Patsey.…

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  • Sexism Vs Abraham Lincoln

    Served as president from March 1861 until assassination April 1865, leading the United states throughout the bloodiest constitutional political civil war. "A house divided against itself cannot stand," quoted upon Abraham Lincolns 'House Divided ' discussable debated speech. (Basler) The aforementioned speech managed throughout the candidate 's deliberation regarding Abraham Lincoln being the U.S Senate and Stephen Douglas being the Democrat. Lincoln delivered that quote from which occurred to…

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