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  • Ronald Reagan Achievements

    Ronald Reagan did many great things in his life, he was a football star and a actor in his high school. He also was a sports announcer for his first job, later becoming an announcer for WHO radio station in Des Moines, Illinois. He later Became a Hollywood star as he got the leading role in a movie called "Knute Rockne all american". He also Became the governor of California for two years. Then finally he became The president of the United States of America for two terms, helping people of this…

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  • The 13th: The New Jim Crow Laws, Ronald Reagan

    The documentary the 13th examines the Richard Nixon era, the new Jim Crow Laws, Ronald Reagan “War on drugs”, Bill Clinton’s “three strikes you’re out” which lead to a massive incarnation in the 1990s of minorities for a long period of time. In 1989, Ronald Reagan declared a war on drugs. Crack and Cocaine were rising and the usage of the products depended on social class. Crack was an inner city drug and the majority of consumers were from Black and Hispanic communities. Those who were arrested…

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  • Ronald Reagan Commencement Speech Analysis

    On May 9, 1982, Ronald Regan, the fortieth president of the United States, gave a commencement speech to the graduating class from Eureka College. Eureka College is where Ronald Regan went to college. This is interesting because previous presidents like John F. Kennedy, Barak Obama, or Bill Clinton all went to ivy league colleges like Harvard or Yale. It is very inspiring that Regan was able to accomplish so much without a degree from a prestigious university. This commencement speech very…

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  • John F Kennedy Organized Crime Analysis

    Ronald Reagan’s administration was full of scandal and organized crime ties. Ronald Reagan himself was suspected of having close ties with known organized criminal such as Jackie Presser, Senator Paul Laxalt and Roy Williams. Not to mention his campaign was suspected of receiving endorsement…

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  • Water Related Metaphors For Immigration

    political metaphor. In the United States, immigration has/is frequently referred to as a flood, a stream, a tide, a wave, a tsunami, or a flow. Politicians have been using water related terms to describe America’s immigration policy since President Ronald Reagan was in office. In his journal article, Stephen J. Heidt argues that President Reagan’s use of the “wave metaphor" guided and…

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  • Burma Persuasive Speech

    On January 27th, 1998 a baby boy was born into this world. He was born neither accomplished nor discredited. He was A boy who would soon grow to be consistent, concise, and courageous. A boy who would soon develop an ideology based on hard work, dedication, and human achievement. He is Someone who has not always had it easy, but he has actually had a rather challenging, distracting life. Time and time again, his old friend resiliency saved him from being engulfed in the difficulties of the world…

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  • Why Is Calvin Coolidge A Good Leader

    Calvin is a very wise man. Very friendly and was a great president to others. Calvin had two sons named John Coolidge and Calvin Coolidge jr. He had acceded the presidency after the death of Warren Harding. He was then the 30th president of the United States of America. Coolidge was in the office from 1923-1929. On July 4, 1872 in Plymouth, Vermont a little boy named Calvin Coolidge. As a little boy Calvin attended in Plymouth Elementary. He graduated in 1895 at Amherst college.He went to…

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  • The Role Of Abortion In American Politics

    The historic case of Roe v. Wade, a landmark abortion decision, referred to the constitution to decide to give the right to a female to have an abortion. The concept of abortion has undoubtedly been one of the biggest concerns of the American politics. The debate of abortion compromises the opinions of American leaders. The political opinions of these leaders have appealed significantly to a political party, in which,there is a salient identity of the party and consequently, no longer require a…

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  • Compare And Contrast Reagan And Matthew Dalek

    differing views on the achievements completed during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. While both historians do not seem to have liked president Ronald Reagan much, they base their suggestions about his presidency’s results on at least partially historically defensible claims. Although I understand why both historians said what they did based on historical facts from Reagan’s presidency, I find myself agreeing with Philip Jenkins’s statement of Ronald Reagan from 2008. Due to events such as the…

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  • Rock The Casbah Analysis

    “Rock the Casbah” came out in June 11, 1982 by the English punk rock band The Clash. “Rock the Casbah” is the third single on The Clash's fifth album Combat Rock and reached number 8 on the Billboard hot 100 in the U.S. It also reached number 8 on the dance chart. I think that the lyrics, by Joe Strummer, were inspired by a news report of Iranians being flogged for the crime of owning a disco album and create an amusing fantasy where a disco-hating sharif is defied by everyone from the citizens…

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