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  • Ronald Reagan In The 1980's

    Ronald Reagan Since the beginning of time, there have been conflicts and leaders to help solve those conflicts. Throughout history there have been heroes wanting to make a change in this world and while most failed, some succeeded. The 1980’s were a difficult time for America involving foreign relations and events; luckily we elected a president who was charming, persuasive, and a natural born speaker and leader: Ronal Reagan. Ronald Reagan was born on February 6,…

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  • Ronald Reagan Evil Empire Speech Analysis

    Republican Ronald Reagan appeared at the 41st Evangelical Convention with a speech prepared, but the audience had little knowledge of the light he would shine in their lives that evening. In Orlando, he called the Evangelical Church to action in what he titled the world as “The Evil Empire.” Although the speech on the surface discusses world-wide issues, Reagan evokes emotion in a desperate cry to the Evangelical Church by suggesting that together they can cleanse the world of abortion,…

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  • 1980's Parent Interview: My Dad About The American Dream

    Ronald Reagan, a Republican and a conservative, based his political career on cutting down taxes and increasing America’s defense system. The goal being to be supreme and make the Soviet Union back down. He was largely responsible for the end of the Cold…

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  • Donald Trump Foreign Policy Speech Summary

    In “Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech”, conservative-republican Donald Trump, promising that he could best improve the the United State’s foreign policy, urges his conservative audience to elect into office. Assuming that Americans believe that the U.S is the most exceptional country, Trump appeals to his audience’s emotions when he sets out to enrage the audience by suggesting that President Barack Obama, weakened the once-strong foreign policy, thereby causing America to lose its high rank…

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  • Ronald Ron Reagan Pros And Cons

    Republican Ronald Wilson Reagan stepped into office as the 40th president of the United States of America on January 20, 1981. At age 69 he began his two-term journey as one of the most charismatic presidents in history. His past as an actor, his great communication skills, and his inspirational and comforting whimsy led the public to form nicknames for President Reagan, such as The Great Communicator and The Gipper, that mimicked his inspirational nature. He was strong in his Conservative…

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  • The Importance Of The Commander-In-Chief

    Commander-In- Chief is President Elect Trump. This guy will be one of the most powerful man in the world, next year. The Chief Justices are appointed by the president, and serves for life, just like Anthony Kennedy that was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. The year I was born, so his been…

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  • Stop And Frisk Essay

    The end of slavery in 1862 was supposed to signify the end of the forced free labor of African American people and their right to live freely as human beings. Unfortunately for African American people, some white Americans could not fathom the idea of black people having equally opportunities. Thus begins the cycle of never ending oppression of black people. Black codes, segregation, the influx of crack in to black communities, and the era of mass incarceration are all tell tale signs of…

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  • The Positive Effects Of The War On Drugs

    had a negative effect on our societies well-being. Many policies were made to prevent drug use for certain drugs. Acts such as The Pure Food and Drug Act and Harrison Narcotics Act in 1914 are some of many examples that I will be sharing. In 1986, Ronald Reagan doubled down on the war of drugs that had been started by president Richard Nixon in 1971 (Bandele, 2016). Drugs were known for being bad because they fried your brain. Drug dealers were monsters because they sold to our neighborhoods.…

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  • Theories Of Trickle-Down Economics

    Wooden Nickels: The Theory of Trickle-Down Economics The theory of trickle-down economics was first coined during the Reagan administration. The theory asserts that tax breaks for large businesses and the wealthiest Americans subsequently benefit all Americans with an increase in the standard of living, job creation, increased wages and an improved economy. Trickle-down economics assumes that large corporations and the wealthiest Americans are the sole drivers of economic growth; their tax…

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  • Compare And Contrast Ronald Kennedy And Ich Bin Ein Berliner

    democracy comes to place. A prime example would be the situation about The Berlin Wall and how many stood against the communist system it brought to one of the sides. Some of the people who were involved with the stand against it were John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, Both were presidents of the United States during their time. Kennedy gave his well-known “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech to voice his opinion and perspective on why the Berlin wall should be demolished. Reagan also gave a speech…

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