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  • Big Brother Australia Argumentative Analysis

    Scripted Big Brother Australia is the Australian version of the international reality game show series, big brother. Where a group of ‘everyday’ Australians placed in a house surrounded by cameras and microphones for two to three months to compete for a cash prize ranging $250,000 to $750,000. The Big Brother house is located in a secluded area of the Queensland theme park Dreamworld. The show first aired on 23rd of April 2001 on the Australian network, network ten. The show was cancelled seven years later due to an alleged sexual assault. The show then returned on the 13th of August 2012 on network nine hosted by Sonia Kruger and narrated by Mike Goldman. In 2013 Big Brother there was a twist at the very beginning of the show. The house was divided in to two areas. On launch night the housemates were told to pick a key that opened one of two doors. One door opened to the safe house which had a diary room , nominations room , rewards room , backyard , lounge area , kitchen , main bedroom , a bathroom and fitness area . While the other door lead to the halfway house which had half of everything except they had a laundry and an outdoor shower. The two…

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  • Stereotypes In Big Brother

    Reality television is known for multiple stereotypes that surround it and most of the shows go along with them. These stereotypes include but are not limited to; being confined into one specific space or location, a certain of number people from multiple demographics and backgrounds, and having some type of motivator, usually monetary. The reality show, “Big Brother” follows all of these stereotypes but also brings a type of relevance to its viewers. Following the guidelines from the novel,…

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  • Importance Of Racial And Sexual Intolerance In The Handmaid's Tale

    In Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, the reader is introduced into a futuristic, dystopian society that is built on the remnants of the United States, called Gilead. Throughout the novel, Atwood uses satire to mock and warn the United States of the danger in the strongly held political opinions in the 1980’s, when the book was written. Atwood extrapolates the ideas to their extremes, showing the danger of their acceptance. The absurdity and outrageousness of her exaggerations give the novel…

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  • Privacy In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four By George Orwell

    In the book Nineteen-Eighty Four by George Orwell he talks about how the government watches them. How they don’t have privacy to do anything they want. Winston is the main character of the book, then there is big brother he is like the government. Big brother is always watching everyone, they have something that's like a television, which is called a telescreen where they can see you, but you can't see them and you also can't turn it off only turn down the volume. The privacy of American…

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  • A Cultural Comparison: 2 + 2 = 5 By Radiohead

    A Cultural Comparison: “2 + 2 = 5” by Radiohead For many centuries, art has been a medium through which writers and musicians have chosen to express their political views and opinions on the world around them. One of the world’s most celebrated political writers, George Orwell, strongly influenced culture, including music, with his dystopian novel 1984. The 80s English alternative rock band, Radiohead, was inspired by the book’s commentary on what the world will look like in the future and wrote…

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  • 1984 Winston's Relationship Analysis

    Relationships In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the author portrays the relationships between people as one’s that are essentially close, sexual, and forbidden by the Party. Two main relationships that make an impact in this book would be Winston’s connection with both Julia and O’Brien. This book illustrates that power and authority can be used to destroy individuality and break the bonds of love as shown through the relationship between Winston and his wife Katherine, and between Winston and…

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  • Animal Farm By George Orwell

    Czar Nicholas II. Old Major, portrays Vladimir Lenin; Snowball who represents the pig who wants to act like Old Major and Napoleon the one who drove out Snowball to secure his position symbolizes Joseph Stalin. The story began when Mr. Jones, the owner of the Manor Farm, mistreated the animals. Almost all of them are unhappy the way Mr. Jones operates the whole farm. They gather and organized a rebellion to those who reap the benefits of their combined labor, which is the human. Furthermore, as…

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  • Nineteen Eighty-Four By George Orwell: Literary Analysis

    George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, depicts a society under a corrupted political state. The corruption leads to a totalitarian regime. In the book society is divided in three classes. The proles, which represent the proletariat, they live in poverty and they are denied any access to information, education and they must abide by the rules that are dictated by the party. The outer party members, who are middle class. They work within the party however; they do not have any access to the wealth…

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  • Doublethink Analysis

    Whether they were born into the Party as true believers, or brainwashed to enforce the Party’s principles, true believers plague Big Brother’s society. Created by the horrors of the Party, O’Brien is a unique true believer. Although he was once a rebel to the party, he now serves as a spy for the thought police, uncovering rebels like Julia and Winston. He openly accepts and enforces the Party’s principles as if they were basic math. In another passage examining the devastations of…

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  • Alienation In George Orwell's 1984

    society in which government and technology evolve and create a oligarchical utopian society equipt with a figurehead, Big Brother. As the top tier of a strict class system, the Inner Party uses Big Brother’s persona to enforce mechanisms used to maintain power and influence. Any distinction of an individual most likely will lead to his/her condemnation and vaporization, in which the individual is erased from official documentation and ceases to exist. The Party believes that any distinction,…

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