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  • Disabled Wilfred Owen Analysis Essay

    In the poem Disabled, by Wilfred Owen, the character in the poem reminisces on past events and reveals all of the things that he has lost during the war. Disabled is thought to be Owen’s most disturbing and shocking poem when written in the year 1917. He wrote this poem whilst he was spending time in the hospital recuperating after returning from the battlefield and he revised the poem a year later. The theme of loss is portrayed throughout the poem in order to reflect Owen’s own experience of…

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  • Theme Of Shame In The Things They Carried

    What is the limit of pain one feels from being ashamed? Shame is powerful motivator that can lead one to make life changing decisions. Tim O’Brien’s autobiographical war novel, The Things They Carried, details the motivation and the effects of shame soldiers faced during the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war, lasting from 1955 to 1975, was fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam over the idea of communism and capitalism. As North and South Vietnam joined with allies to try to defeat each…

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  • Shame And Guilt In Tim Obrien's The Things They Carried

    Tim OBriens story, The Things They Carried, is more than just a war story. It beautifully depicts the shame and guilt that soldiers had to live for throughout the war, and unfortunately, the rest of their lives. Through the stories and experiences of soldiers in Tim OBriens vicinity, the Alpha Company, we get to know them not as mindless soldiers fighting for their country, but as people. Shame and guilt is a recurring theme in the book all soldiers in the story have experienced it one way or…

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  • Dehumanization In The Sniper

    War stories are gruesome. They capture the reality of war--death, grief, and pain. “The Sniper” and “Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy?” (by Liam O’Flaherty and Tim O’Brien respectively) are both shining examples of this; unpacking the glorification of victory to reveal how humans are dehumanized and trained to kill other people. Their differences outline a common theme: how war dehumanizes people from killing and guilt, and how that all builds into a catastrophe later on in life. “The…

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  • Literary Criticism In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    Tim O’Brien is a critically acclaimed author that is known for his gut-wrenching stories of his time during the Vietnam War. In his award-winning novel The Things They Carried, he explains countless different instances of struggle and strife in the form of numerous short stories. O’Brien was born in Minnesota in 1946. He majored in political science, but was later drafted in 1968 and stayed in Vietnam about 8 months. After the war, he finished graduate school at Harvard and now, at 71, resides…

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  • The Red Badge Of Courage Symbolism Analysis

    color of the military uniforms. As stated, “It seemed that the mob of blue men throwing themselves on this dangerous group of rifles was again suddenly wild with a spirit of selflessness” (23.42). Blue represents the collective spirit of the Union Army. All in all, color imagery is significant as it is used to describe the way in which Henry feels throughout particular events of the novel. In the Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane uses symbols including the dead man, animal imagery,…

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  • Masculinity In Sillitoe's This Sporting Life

    In times of war, the masculine epitome was provided the soldier figure. However in a post-war context, this stable image of masculinity became blurred. The struggle to mentally pinpoint and physically embody an ideal form of masculinity befitting the era is epitomised in Storey and Sillitoe’s protagonists. The multiplicity of male social roles and uncertainty in claiming a specifically male physical space results in embattled narratives of tension and flux. In extension of the developments of…

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  • The Legacy Of Vietnam Analysis

    George Herring’s essay “The Legacy of Vietnam” is a fair portrait of one of the most notorious wars in the United States history – the Vietnam War. The essay starts with enormous figures of loss from both sides, and ends with the lessons we can learn from the war as well as from those losses. Herring keeps a neutral voice by providing different perspectives on the issues happened in both Vietnam and the United States. This neutral characteristic of Herring’s essay helps the author deliverers his…

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  • Homosexuals In The Military Essay

    The armed services consists of four main branches: the army, navy, marine corps, and the coast guard. These are all branches that help protect our country from harm. Unfortunately, these military force groups have the same problem as well as any other work force. You might say that it’s disorganized, or it may be that we have too much or too little in the force. It could be either of those issues at hand, but one of our main issues today is allowing homosexuals to join our military. Many…

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  • Master Duty Commander Case Study

    attraction, effort, and legitimacy are four personal characteristics that are important sources of power (pgs. 288-292). If I follow these characteristics I know this will assist me influencing subordinates as well as my colleagues. I have six years of army active duty and four years of air force reserve expertise. My variety of military experience will help guide me in looking at situations from a diverse point of view. I maintain I desirable characteristic. I never disrespect anyone even…

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