Robert E. Lee

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  • George Mcclellan's Battle

    between the Confederates and the Union. McClellan and his troops broke through the Confederate lines and easily should have won the battle, but he didn’t act quickly and was cautious by refraining from using one-third of his troops. As a result, Robert E. Lee and some Confederate soldiers were able to flee into Virginia safely, so the battle could have been a significant victory for the Union but instead turned out to be a disappointing draw. After this failure, Lincoln could no longer stand…

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  • How Is Gettysburg A Turning Point

    ended in 1865 during this time there were many significant battles. Prior to General Robert E. Lee’s advancement north into the Union’s territory the Union Army has unsuccessfully attacked the Confederate Army several times. General Robert E. Lee takes the Confederate Army and marches north. The battle of Gettysburg takes place from July 1, 1863 to July 3 1863 in a small town called Gettysburg. General Robert E. Lee is leading the Confederate Army numbering approximately 70,000 troops.…

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  • How Was The Battle Of Gettysburg A Turning Point Analysis

    point for the Union because of the Geographic advantages, Robert E. Lee questing his strategies and south wasn’t able the replace the number of casualties. The first way the battle of Gettysburg was a turning point for the Union was because of the geographic advantages they had. One way the Union had a geographic advantage, was because the battle of Gettysburg was the farthest battle north giving the Union the advantage of arriving first.…

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  • Two Military Genius

    The Killer Instincts and Deference of Two Military Geniuses The killer instincts and deference of Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. Jackson claimed many victories for the Confederate Army and helped the army endure a long harsh battle against the Union. As General of the Confederate army Robert E. Lee demonstrated his military genius through his ability to anticipate enemy movements. Lee also showed his military genius through developing new battle tactics that positioned his generals to take…

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  • Arlington National Cemetery Essay

    held up their rights. Many people had thought that Lee was behind the location and building of the Freedman’s Village and that caused tensions to arise between the Union and Lee accusations were set in motion that Lee was a traitor and should be dealt with. June of 1864 the United States General Montgomery C. Meigs put in an order that the grounds at which Freedman’s Village laid on shall become the new military center for armed forces. Robert E. Lee lost all of his ownership to the property…

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  • Robert E Lee's Decisions

    Robert E. Lee was a famous military Leader known best for his time serving during the Civil War. Lee was the general of the Confederates from 1861 to 1865 and was previously involved in the U.S. Army (Pryor). Although Lee was highly esteemed for his service, his actions during battle invoked various consequences. Robert E. Lee 's decision to side with the Confederacy during the Civil War was strongly influenced by his military background with family and friends; his decision caused a great…

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  • Appomattox Summary

    258 pp. Appomattox begins with an overview of two opposing military leaders and their inner circle adversaries of the Civil War. A northerner from a small town in Point Pleasantville, Ohio known as Lieutenant General U. S. Grant and General Robert Edwards Lee a southerner born on a plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Within the book the author gives a brief history of the battle, deceptions and movements of both Confederate and Union armies prior to Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. After…

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  • Confederate Soldier Statue Analysis

    agreed to become general of the confederation was due to the fact that Virginia had voted him to secede from the nation. He may have joined to remain loyal to his state, but he didn’t exactly agree with the idea of slavery. So by putting up a Robert E. Lee statue up, it is like getting the best of both worlds; able to see the association with the confederation yet the person was a person who had not supported slavery. If our solution is used to change the memorial, it will eliminate controversy…

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  • Second Battle Of Bull Run Essay

    was Larger in scale than the first. There were four primary generals, General Robert E. Lee, Major General John Pope, and Major General George B. McClellan. It had four times the amount of casualties than the original Battle of Bull Run. Taken place in Northern Virginia it was a battle between Union and Confederate Armies on August 28-30 1862. John Pope led the Union army, and on the Confederate side General Robert E. Lee led the way. The Union army had the most casualties while the Confederate…

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  • Gettysburg Dbq Analysis

    different days.The Union had many advantages such as the geography of gettysburg.The Union had a smaller army than the Confederate army.This war killed soldiers,generals and the morale of both the Union and the Confederacy. It also helped show that Robert E. Lee could be defeated and that sometimes risk is necessary to win. The Confederates lost this battle and suffered major casualties during it.The Confederate’s suffered far more casualties and injuries than the Union and they lost the…

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