Robert E. Lee

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  • Robert Lee's Struggle During The Battle Of Chancellorsville

    Confederacy suffered 10,000 casualties during the Battle of Chancellorsville. This battle started when General Joseph Hooker crossed the Rappahannock River and began to move behind Robert E. Lee’s confederate army, which put his troops in northern Virginia in great danger. Although Hooker’s plan was very well executed, Robert Lee’s strategic brilliance and instinct saved him because he split his force leaving 10,000 troops to hold the Union at bay. The reason this battle took place was because…

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  • Lee's Argumentative Essay

    guerilla warfare would have had for Lee, he still decided against it, largely due to his sense of duty to the country. Lee was the hero of the Confederates, and had he accepted the idea of guerilla warfare, many others resisting the Union would have followed him. As Charles Adams put it, “The Confederacy would have been reduced to smoldering wilderness” (Winik 152). The effect that guerilla tactic could have had on…

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  • What Are The Reasons For Robert E Lee's Failure

    After the battle, Robert E. Lee, retreated to Virginia on July 4th, 1863. His army was severely weakened, with about 28,000 captured, wounded, or killed. The Union army also suffered about 23,000 similar losses (Benson). Lee’s army withdrew to the southwest through a driving rain in a wagon train stretching 17 miles (Aines). During the retreat, Lee repeated his remarks at the failure of Pickett’s Charge: “It is all my fault, I thought my men were invincible.” Robert E. Lee offered his…

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  • The Killer Angels Summary

    The novel “The Killer Angels”, written by Michael Shaara, tells about the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the most pivotal conflict during the American Civil War. It is common knowledge that Confederate General Robert E. Lee led his army of 70,000 to the small town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania after gaining a victory against Union forces at Chancellorsville, Virginia. He believed that with a recent win his troops were ready to attack and defeat the North. The battle took place from July 1 to July 3…

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  • Gettysburg A Turning Point Analysis

    point? By the year 1863, the Civil War would have been in its third year. The Confederate General (General Robert E. Lee) had taken a train to go to Richmond . Where he would met with President Jeff Davis to discuss his plane on how to invade the North. President Davis agreed with Lee’s plan to invade the North . In the middle of June there were rumors going around on how General Robert E. Lee was moving this army to North. The North began to panic. Many people were heading to train depot to…

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  • Essay On The Battle Of Antietam

    casualties on both sides measuring up to more than 22,000 missing, wounded, or dead. On that individual day, September 17, 1862, more American blood was shed than on any other single day ever. The generals for this infamous battle were General Robert Edward Lee for the Confederate army and General George McClellan for the…

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  • Clara Barton's Role In The Civil War

    his sudden escalation in power after the many failures he came across. Robert E. Lee Who? Robert Edward Lee was the son of the Revolutionary War hero Harry Lee, known as “Light Horse.” What? Lee was of the most well-known generals in the Civil War. When? He served as a general or commander for most of the duration of the Civil War. Where? Lee was a native of Virginia, and he served in many of the Confederate states. Why? Lee was one of the most influential people to help the Confederates in…

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  • Grant Vs. Lee: What Makes A Good Leader?

    Grant and Lee were both great generals who. Who was the superior leader? Lee was a “text book” general; he followed rules and strategies reflecting his education. Grant, on the other hand, was a more impulsive general (Mcleod) Indifferent to rules; he followed what he thought best. They are complete opposites on how they wage war. How do you judge the superior leader? They came from completely different backgrounds. Lee is the superior leader because of his tactical skill, engineering knowledge,…

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  • How Did John Pope Influence The Civil War

    A strong and brave man by the name of John Pope once stated success and glory are in the advance; disaster and shame lurk in the rear. Although John Pope faced a great defeat he was respected and acknowledged throughout the civil war. Therefore John Pope was a significant person who influenced the overall outcome of the American Civil War. John Pope was a fighter at heart. He joined the United States Military Academy and graduated in 1842 when he became a part of the topographical engineers.…

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  • Ma James Longstreet: The Battle Of The Wilderness

    The Confederates shot from the Wilderness at the Union soldiers.The trees and underbrush made moving hard because of the difficulty the troops faced to move in an orderly fashion and was extremely rough on the cavalry and artillery. Right after 5 am the Union second corps, led by Winfield Scott Hancock, drove back the Confederates nearly a mile. James Longstreet arrived to aid the Confederates helping the fighting to be even more intense than the first day of the battle. Unfortunately for…

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