Robert E. Lee

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  • The Importance Of The Battle Of Shiloh

    The Civil War (1861-1865),“was an unnecessary condition of affairs, and might have been avoided if forbearance and wisdom had been practiced on both sides,” (Robert E. Lee). 5 years of bloodshed resulted in the victory of the North, a part of the United States that support the abolition of slavery, low-wage workers, tariffs, and other ideas that the South did not. Although the North named the war victorious, many Southerners believe that it was more the loss of the Confederacy than the victory…

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  • Battle Of Gettysburg Essay

    Before the war of Gettysburg started, Robert E. Lee had won a tremendous battle at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia, in May 1863. After the battle Robert Lee had already came up with a plan to strike the North again. This time he would strike Virginia again, but this time at Gettysburg. With a win at Gettysburg he would hope that the North would stop wanting to fight and he hoped that this war would create peace. I personally think that Robert E. Lee was a luny. I do not know why he…

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  • Lost Cause Mentality

    chains of racism. Adding to the ironic disconnect, this was a result of a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court - it wasn’t an unanimous decision, but a decision that could have been easily tipped against the favor of minorities with a single vote (Badger, E). Garrett Epps from The Atlantic settled on the best description for this decision: “a near-death experience that may produce health problems for the Act down the road” (Epps,…

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  • Seven Pines Battle Analysis

    pines battle? The seven pines battle is one of the most important battles in the civil war. Did you know that there are 3 factors that General Johnston was involved in? Johnston is very important I would pay attention when his name comes up. Also Robert E. lee is also very important and he will come up later in the battle. May 31/Day 1 Did you know that there are 3 factors that conspired to complete the attack? The first…

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  • Speech: The First Battle Of Bull Run

    military, but was in confederate territory. The confederates claimed it was theirs, but the union said it was theirs. President Lincoln told union general Robert Anderson to stay in the fort. Fort Sumter was attacked by confederates, but since the cannons were facing the sea the people in Fort Sumter had a hard time fighting back. The people in the fort lasted for 34 hours before surrendering to the confederates…

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  • The Civil War: The Battle Of Bull Run

    Civil War when they fired upon Fort Sumter, South Carolina. This battle began when United States Major Robert Anderson and his eighty-five men made the move from Fort…

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  • How Did Abraham Lincoln Have A Hard Time In American History

    Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) was notably one of the most talented generals during the Civil War. After being part of the U.S. Military Academy in 1846, Lee fought in the Mexican-American War, where he showed his excellent leadership skills. In 1859, he was the leader of the group that captured John Brown, the abolitionist, at Harper…

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  • Pickett's Charge

    One of the major ill-decisions made by Lee that contributed to the overall defeat of the Confederate army at the Battle of Gettysburg was the ordering of Pickett’s Charge. Pickett’s Charge is considered one of the most famous events during the three day battle. It took place on the third day when Lee ordered General George Pickett plus six brigades from adjacent corps to charge up the middle of Cemetery Hill where the Federal center was located and ultimately unhinge Meade’s entire force. The…

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  • Robert E. Lee's Tactics During The Civil War

    Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee was a General in the Confederate army and led the south in fighting the Union army in the American Civil War. He was a seasoned general, in fact, he could’ve even led the Union army if he took the offer up from President Lincoln. Before he decided to lead the south, he had thought long and hard because he didn’t really see a purpose for there to be a war centered around slavery. But with his ties to Virginia, he decided to go ahead and lead the Confederates in the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of The American Civil War

    Lee and the Union under George McClellan. McClellan however, had a flaw he overestimated Lee and was far too cautious. The Emancipation prevented the alliance with England for the CSA. McClellan slipped and allowed for Lee to escape after he made a mistake. McClellan was then replaced by Burnside. Robert E. Lee was able to gain a victory in the Battle of Chancellorsville, with the aid of Stonewall Jackson who died in battle. This did not stop Lee from trying to gain Gettysburg…

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