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  • Personal Narrative: Albino Lullaby

    Funniest Game of the Year, Kudos… I think that we can all agree that, for a long time now, the word “horror” has been losing its meaning throughout all kinds of media and entertainment, mostly because of the incredibly infamous “jumpscares” and lack of creativity when it comes to build up tension with the player/viewer. So, when I saw Albino Lullaby (a game that brags about its inventive methods of horror, and how it promises to be a horror game without jumpscares nor gore) I was pretty excited, thinking to myself that perhaps someone finally attempted to create an Outlast-like game without the gore. What I didn’t know was the catastrophic pile of glitches and definitely not scary horrible–ness that was awaiting me. What the hell is going on in here?What the hell is going on in here? Let’s just get this clear, I don’t know what the plot is. I’ve finished the game by now, but I care as much for the lore of Albino Lullaby as I care for the plot in Mad Max. With all the headaches and lack of patience to play it, I found myself surprised when I reached the end of it, especially because I knew nothing about what just had happened throughout the last hours of my playthough. Maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, but I got that they’re doing the “everybody is now monsters” plot. Albino Lullaby starts off with what I can only describe as the most explosive and less interesting introduction of all time, showing a house that I presume is on fire and is possibly the location of the game. It…

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  • Amanda Stark Narrative

    I'm Amanda Stark, but most call me Mandy. I have light fair skin, a heart-shaped dimple ridden face, icy blue eyes and pin straight long blackish-red hair that goes down to my knees. My height is 5'8 and 160 Ibs. My parents are Tony Stark and Pepper Stark (Née) Potts. I use an arc reactor like my dad because of my heart stopping when I was a baby. I am twenty-three years old. I graduated college when I was ten with a master's degree in chemistry, medicine and politics. I met my best friend,…

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  • The Zombie Genre

    confined within the context of popular cult like subculture. (Christie 2011, p. 178) However, its reach had extended to other forms of media, such as video games. It saw the rise of the Resident Evil franchise, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary as on 2016 by Sony (Frank 2016). The first Resident Evil game, originally named Biohazard, appeared in 1996, drew its influences heavily from Romero’s movies (Bishop 2009). The franchise played a significant part in solidifying the contemporary…

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  • Effective Intervention Case Study

    emotions from those of the client and responding with the appropriate prosocial and helpful behavior Oliveira & Gonçalves, (2011). Example #3 Clarifying the Meaning of a Vague or unfamiliar term The clarifying the meaning of a vague or unfamiliar term when a client describes their self as being confirming to worker them and client According to Colapietro, (2010) There are various contexts in which illness must be situated in order to be understood (above all, the phenomenological, and clinical…

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  • Theories Of Dramatism

    in one’s life, but one that I can see very evident is my role as a resident assistant. A resident assistant’s job is to supervise a floor or building of residents on a college campus. They are responsible for making sure that residents have a fun, healthy and safe college experience. As an RA, there are several meetings and events that one has to attend and plan, including a weekly module meeting, small group meetings with other RA and larger group meetings with all Residence Life staff. We…

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  • Integrity Reflection

    year community, I strive to create a knowledgeable and approachable presence of myself for all residents of Campus Village 2 so they can learn and explore what SJSU has to offer them. I understand my role as a resource and take advantage as a way to expose residents to opportunities of student involvement and concepts to assist through their academics. Whether a first year considers to change their major or not, does not change my interactions with them pertaining to SJSU’s mission;…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Where Is My Baby Doll

    One observation I’ve made is that each of the (TR) try to connect with the resident so they can be engage and participate in the activity. I also observe how some of the TR staffs persuade the resident to join group activities. Another observation I made is when my supervisor does a particular group activity like crosswords. She would try to get some of the residents to participants by giving clues or hints for specific answer in order for the resident to figure out the answer. Moreover, I have…

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  • My Experience In A Nursing Home

    The drab, depressing ambiance of the nursing home led me to believe that the home was for people with lower or limited income. If the nursing home was making money, it was not being spent to make the building look inviting or comfortable for visitors or residents. The look of unhappiness from the people living there could be the lack of attention from the caretakers as well as the lack of visitors. I recalled the man in the lunchroom asking for water and being ignored. I also thought of Emma…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Community Adviser

    Q1. How do you plan on leading by example as a third-year(+) CA? How do you approach conflict in a team dynamic and/or community? There is no manual or procedure on how to be a good community adviser. I have learned that becoming a good community adviser is something that one can only learn from experience and mistakes. However, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to not put oneself down because of one’s mistake. Therefore, as a third year community adviser, one of my top goals is to show…

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  • Sample Practicum Reflection

    provides help and take care of the needs of the individuals in each group home. Most of the residents…

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