Effective Intervention Case Study

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Effective Intervention
Client: Are you going to give me three referrals to see the doctors at Teem Mental Health. Do I have to go to three different places are they on the same street, will you give me bus tickets why are you not helping me. I don’t want to go to three facilities.
Social Worker: No, I’m going to give you two referrals. That’s ok with you. and one will be for Team Mental Health and the other is to see a medical doctor. Would it make you feel better if I give you two referrals?
Client: Yes.

Rational for effectiveness or Ineffectiveness of the Intervention
When asking open ended questions, the importance is the delivery of the question. It is vigorous to the relationship to keep the lines of communication open
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The interviewed client was experiencing different feelings as a I observed several mental issues she was experiencing and several physical issues she was describing. Foremost the client was depressed and then she was not feeling well description of a $#$#3$#$# she is dealing with. The client describes her fixation with the number three. The reason for the referral was the client is in need of professional assistance from a psychologist and medical assistance. I thought the middle phase of the interview we would have gained more rapport in the interview. However according Colapietro, (2010) the most salient ways in which illness shows (or announces) itself - are in effect somatic signs, broadly conceived. I should have separate my own thoughts and emotions from those of the client and responding with the appropriate prosocial and helpful behavior Oliveira & Gonçalves, (2011).
Example #3 Clarifying the Meaning of a Vague or unfamiliar term
The clarifying the meaning of a vague or unfamiliar term when a client describes their self as being confirming to worker them and client According to Colapietro, (2010) There are various contexts in which illness must be situated in order to be understood (above all, the phenomenological, and clinical contexts) a reflexive task is for a specialist.
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The client’s values may lie in their social environment. As a social worker to better understand a client is to be helpful and put myself in the person environment and value their problems as mine own. The Values of a Social Worker finds a common ground with client work, family and helping by using relationship of client and client system (Shulman 2015, p.14) When questioning the client in the beginning phase of the interview assisted with the understanding of the problem. The client felt a connection with the social worker because she was stressed out and wanted someone to talk to. The social worker gained knowledge by gathering information with listening techniques effectively. Client being seen by a professional psychologist is furthermore better than I. She needed to see a clinical social worker or qualified psychologist to assist her with the deeper problems that she was experiencing. The client stated she was stressed out because of school, work later found out that the client had no employment and she was in need of medical assistance. She stated I have aches and pains when she wakes up in the morning hurting all the time. She asked what type of doctor should she go to. I was ineffective in given a physician, however effective with referrals to Team Mental Health and a referral to Department of social services for

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