Personal Narrative: Albino Lullaby

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Funniest Game of the Year, Kudos…
I think that we can all agree that, for a long time now, the word “horror” has been losing its meaning throughout all kinds of media and entertainment, mostly because of the incredibly infamous “jumpscares” and lack of creativity when it comes to build up tension with the player/viewer. So, when I saw Albino Lullaby (a game that brags about its inventive methods of horror, and how it promises to be a horror game without jumpscares nor gore) I was pretty excited, thinking to myself that perhaps someone finally attempted to create an Outlast-like game without the gore. What I didn’t know was the catastrophic pile of glitches and definitely not scary horrible–ness that was awaiting me.

What the hell is going
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I’ve finished the game by now, but I care as much for the lore of Albino Lullaby as I care for the plot in Mad Max. With all the headaches and lack of patience to play it, I found myself surprised when I reached the end of it, especially because I knew nothing about what just had happened throughout the last hours of my playthough. Maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, but I got that they’re doing the “everybody is now monsters” plot.

Albino Lullaby starts off with what I can only describe as the most explosive and less interesting introduction of all time, showing a house that I presume is on fire and is possibly the location of the game. It also features the main character (I guess the main character) getting killed in a car accident, but it was already then that I realized I was going to close my eyes on anything plot-related from that moment on.

The main objective, as in most Horror games — if you can call it “Horror” — is to move forward, solving puzzles, and running away from the enemies. It sounds fun, I mean if Outlast did right, then these guys really just need to make it in their own way… right? Yeah… and it’s the “in their own way” bit that screws them. Unlike Outlast, which really nailed the “get the key and open the blocked door” perfectly, building tension and punishing the player once he screws up, Albino Lullaby simply makes its army of Tim Curry‘s samples chase you without any build up or atmosphere, no difficulty
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From picking items, to moving on small places, Albino Lullaby is filled with small glitches and unfinished assets. It won’t be that big of a deal if the player is truly invested in the game, but I’m just not seeing that happening. Aside from bugs and glitches, another thing I found to happen on both of my computers who are over the requirements for this game, is how laggy and terribly it runs. From gigantic frame drops, to just lack of smooth animations, I found myself even less entertained by not being able to play the game in a proper way.

I genuinely don 't care.I genuinely don’t care.
To top all those negative aspects I just mentioned, my biggest complaint against the game is its theme. I wasn’t scared at all throughout the entire playthough. I mean, I was more scared while eating a burnt toast this morning then I was with Albino Lullaby. Gore is overused because it works, it’s a key feature for a build up, but not gigantic one.

And of course, like the majestic queen of crappy Horror games that thinks that Albino Lullaby is amazing, you cannot see beyond your eyebrows, even with full brightness and eyes glued to the screen, I could see nothing. Because, you know? Black is a scary color, or at least that’s what these developers

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