Amanda Stark Narrative

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I'm Amanda Stark, but most call me Mandy. I have light fair skin, a heart-shaped dimple ridden face, icy blue eyes and pin straight long blackish-red hair that goes down to my knees. My height is 5'8 and 160 Ibs. My parents are Tony Stark and Pepper Stark (Née) Potts. I use an arc reactor like my dad because of my heart stopping when I was a baby. I am twenty-three years old.

I graduated college when I was ten with a master's degree in chemistry, medicine and politics. I met my best friend, Sherry Birkin at this time and she is two years older than I am. My father has impressed the world with his discoveries and the Ironman armor he built and finances the Avengers and is Ironman himself. They are not too fond of people hurting me and I learned
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Government founded the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance or BSAA for short. Officially backed by the United Nations, our main purpose is to combat, prevent, and exterminate bio-terrorism.

The BSAA was founded in 2003 by Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Clive R. O'Brian, Barry Burton, Carlos Olivera, Rebecca Chambers- Coen, Billy Coen, myself and a further four others shortly after the fall of Umbrella, to combat the increasing numbers of B.O.W.s being sold on the black market as a result of its collapse.

As a non-governmental organization ("NGO”), our funding came from the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, a group of highly influential medical corporations, who wanted to distance themselves from Umbrella by condemning bioterrorism in a much more obvious way. Due to our success and the high demand for anti-B.O.W. assignments, the organization would soon be expanded greatly in numbers, with headquarters stationed around the world.

One of our duties is to track down B.O.W.s and other viral weaponry developed by Umbrella that is being illegally sold on the black market to various bio-terrorists. The BSAA has advanced technology and a number of skilled people in our

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