Relationship Between Law And Society Essay

  • The Consequences Of Law Enforcement

    Recently, the true intentions of law enforcement have been questioned due to the various, unnecessary deaths caused by police. Because of these unfortunate events, communities have begun to not trust police officers and others of law enforcement. This divide has caused many to target the very ones who are to serve and protect. The lack of trust the citizens feel has also caused several in law enforcement to become paranoid and afraid for their lives when on the job. Many communities believe that their law enforcements view them as inferior and abuse their power. To eliminate the divide between law enforcement and citizens, police should be assigned time to interact and create relationships in their area to increase the public’s knowledge of laws in the community, which will ultimately decrease crime rate and eliminate the sense of power law enforcement has over citizens. First, police should interact with society because it eliminates the sense of power law enforcement has over communities. Although officers of the law hold the power to enforce laws and should be respected, some citizens fear the police because many officers tend to abuse their positions as leaders in society. Fear is a large factor when dealing with the average citizen. Those in law enforcement are also human and have the same emotions. Some police and citizens fear one another, especially in certain communities. Conflict has often resulted from the distrust and fear between the two. For example, minorities…

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  • Relationship Between Law And Ethics

    briefly discusses the relationship between Law and Ethics. How law and ethics are perceived in society is not as black and white as it may seem. Something that is legal is not always ethical and vice versa. This resource discusses the definition of Ethics, coming from the Greek word ethos (character) and from the Latin word mores (customs), ultimately meaning how individuals choose to cooperate with on and other within society today. Law and ethics are related but this is only to a certain…

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  • Interconnecting Systems Of Inequality In Society

    Legal scholars have long studied the interconnecting systems of oppression. The imbalances of equality in society have been a difficult concept to comprehend. The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze how law and subjectivity intersect with the working poor and unemployed individuals in society. This essay’s aim is to broaden the understanding of the ways in which the notions of law and poverty overlap in society to ultimately reproduce the flaws in the law’s promise to equal justice…

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  • Themes Of Confucianism: The Gateway To Communism In China

    Confucianism was about the “development of human virtues within relationships with others” (Fisher 150). In a basic understanding, Confucianism was about the relationship between one’s self and everything and everyone he or she interacts with. Confucianism puts a big emphasis on the virtue of an individual and the knowledge of Confucians studies. Communism was a political ideology in which the government had total control of all property, people, and everything in between. Communism leaves no…

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  • Heteronormativity: The Consequences Of Sexuality And Human Morality

    Since the advent of civilization, society has tended to experiment with codes that regulate human morality in conformance with established norms and expectations (Halperin, 1990). Of particular interests to societal institutions is sexuality, which for the better part of the centuries leading to the 20th century has been governed by codes drawn from religion and civil laws (Foucault, 1979). Society has continuously normalized heterosexism as the appropriate form of sexuality that should be…

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  • Importance Of Outlaw And Official Hero

    hero. Ray explains the importance in aging, society and women, as well as politics and law when it comes to deciphering between outlaw and official heroes. The differences between these two heroes are what makes American cinematic history. In Rays’ essay “The Thematic Paradigm” he compares outlaw and official heroes. He defines the battle between outlaw and official heroes as “the movies’ reconciliatory pattern concentrated on a single character magically embodying diametrically opposite…

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  • Kennedy And Kennedy's The Critical Legal Studies Movement

    discusses law in play when it comes down to how the law works in the world and the issues with it.The cls movement states that law does not always protect the citizens in the best way. These ideas are analyzed by a myriad of law professors like Duncan Kennedy and Patricia Williams. Williams and Kennedy have areas of critique that overlap and areas where they differ. The main areas of similarities are the issues of rights protection for marginalized citizen. The area of contention between the…

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  • Same Sex Marriage In Australia

    Marriage law in Australia does not legally recognise same-sex marriage, and therefore, does not uphold society’s values and expectations. The phenomenon of same-sex marriage is gaining more popularity every day as society strives for equality for all individuals. The matter has already been enacted in many jurisdictions around the world. However, the Australian legal system remains reluctant in regulating same-sex relationships into marriages. Although this may be true, there has been recent…

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  • Slavery In Celia A Slave

    showed past America and present society how African American’s social, sexual, and political ramifications of slavery were emphasized during the dark slave period of American history. In consequence, of these horrifying occurrences slaves had to encounter brought them closer to freedom and equality for all. Slaves had the opportunity to form a limited social life with other slaves in their same farm. Relationships with other slaves outside their farm was discouraged but still occurred at…

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  • Legal Implications Of Same Sex Marriage

    The law, as constructed by the state, creates a system of rules that we recognise instinctively as regulating our behaviour and defining what is right and what is wrong. The law is not necessarily linked with equity, yet in general society tends to view what is legal as that which is moral, decent and legitimate. Law regulates individual behaviours and identities by encouraging us to manage ourselves and to live our lives in particular ways (Stychin 2003, 4). That which is not supported or…

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