The Relationship Between Society And Law Enforcement

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The investigation process should require the person accused to be suspended without pay until found not guilty. The department in which the case was filed should not investigate the issue another department should. People find it hard to understand how a complaint is made and investigated by the same teammates that may work with the accused. “Judges, for their part, ought to ensure that the plaintiffs be given a full opportunity to air their grievances in court” (Cotton, 2014). Lawyers should listen to their clients and make sure they have enough information to form a case.
“Civil rights organization, such as the untied states on civil rights, the ACLU, and Amnesty International, will call for an end to unconstitutional searches and racial
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However, the question still remains can society and law enforcement recognizes that they need each other to maintain civilization and a Simi-crime free world? Most people believe that communicating with law enforcement make a person a snitch or they are not loyal. This fear has been present for many years. This brings the writer back to trusting the cops.
The people within the communities have to trust the cops in order for this plan to work. How can that be gained? No police brutality for 2-5 years, police start protecting again instead of shooting people, use SCM training used on teenagers instead of the training they have now, promote the protect and serve instead of dissimilating it. Police have to earn trust it cannot be giving based on the recent reports over the past years. Also, the police need to not make things seem racist within the police department.
Yes most black neighborhoods are majority white police officers. However this should not promote more excessive force used within the community, it should promote more peace. Peace within these communities with the cops can promote a different outlook on law enforcement around the country. Police who are considered racist in anyway should be required to resign. As if a potential person who not get the job because of their face book or twitter
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People cautiously record the actions of cops on a daily basis now. The first amendment clearly states: that people have the right to impress their feelings in any way they see fit as long as it does not interfere with the government. However, there are some things a person should know before video tapping the police. A person should be aware of their state laws when video tapping the police.
Legally it is allowed in 38 states to video tape police while on duty. Consequently, law enforcement will tell a person it is illegal, harass a person, and even take the recorder a person is using. Now, personally the tapes that are flying around have cause suspicion within the law enforcement. A man is recording a protest and a cop’s car is parked close by. The cop gets out of his car and asks the man to stop recording, however the man informs them that he was recording the protest.
The police man does not care and wants him to stop based on the camera being on him now. Now, in the process the man is being harassed and is ask for his license, which in return it is given to the police and he is still recording. There are three cops to this one man. The cops start to arrest him for no reason at all except he would not stop recording. The camera shuts off at the

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