Crime Control Strategies

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When it comes to law enforcement there are two types of strategies used to make police officers more efficient and effective in their line of work. Throughout this paper, we will discuss the two different types of strategies- community relations and crime control strategies. In order to understand the strategies available to police officers, it’s important that we look at all the responsibilities and tasks officers have to face. Most people don’t really think about the type of situations a police officer faces on a daily basis. It can be something as simple as a traffic stop to a high-speed chase or even a shootout. No matter how dangerous of a situation they are forced to face they do it to protect and serve. We will begin by discussing a …show more content…
These three strategies are preventative control, immediate response to calls, and follow up investigation (Cordner, 2014). Preventative control consists of a police officer patrolling the areas she/he is assigned to. This seems to be the most effective and efficient for the community and the officers. Patrolling the streets gives officers a chance to build a relationship with the community and enforce laws. Officers are also encouraged to look for anything out of the ordinary, and if found it is their responsibility to handle it. When officers are patrolling streets, they have a better chance of preventing …show more content…
The community relations strategy is pretty much what it sounds like, building a relationship with the community. When police officers have a relationship with the community they are a lot more effective and efficient. If officers patrol throughout their assigned area(s) it gives them a chance to get to know the community and the people in that community. Once you get to know people within that community it can help with crime solving and preventing some crimes. Also, this is a very good opportunity for officers to prove that not all officers are corrupt. If officers can build a relationship even with one person or a few they could have them as confidential informants or just have a good citizen trying to help better their community. We need positive relationships with communities and police officers now more than

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