Recording and Reporting Accidents Essay

  • Essay On The Importance Of Reporting

    importance of accurate reports. In this paper we shall take a more in-depth approach of what goes into a quality report, some of the procedures used, and the departments that rely on these reports. All reports should be written within a few hours of the event to ensure the details are fresh in their minds and should always be written in the first person perspective with an active voice. When writing a report never offer an opinion or conclusion, only use the facts. When writing a report it is essentially a story with a beginning, middle, and end; usually in chronological order. There are two main categories of reports for all law officials, they are administrative and investigative. Administrative involves injury reports, officer-involved accident reports, proposals and memoranda. While, investigative includes offense reports, supplemental reports, search warrants, arrest warrants and case summaries. When writing reports, there are a couple of possible options for officers to use; narrative and bullet style. Departments may vary on which to use, so all employees should be proficient with both of them. Writing a report is very important, but the details you outline in that report could mean winning or losing a case. All new recruits are taught that in court, anything that was not in the report, didn’t happen. When writing the crime scene report the description of the scene should entail all the responders did, who was there, what they saw, interactions with witnesses, and…

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  • Importance Of Risk Assessment

    Health and Safety Policy is kept, up to date training must be provided and copies of risk assessments must be given when necessary, for example when going on school trips, all adults on the trip must read the risk assessment specifies such as the minibus for travelling in, wearing visors, appointed first aiders, trip and group leaders and toilet trips. This ensures the staff are aware of risks and hazards, how to deal with them efficiently and who to report to. Current health and safety…

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  • Incident Investigation Plan Essay

    1.0 Purpose The Incident Investigation Plan describes methods for reporting incidents. The plan also provides a means to consistently manage all workplace incidents and comply with 29 CFR Part 1904. 2.0 Definitions Incident – An event that could or does result in unintended harm or damage; includes personal injuries, near misses, property damage, or other damage. Injury – Harm or damage to a person. Near misses – Harm or damage that almost occurred to a person or property. The Safety…

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  • The Importance Of The Federal Occupational Safety And Health Act

    Created by Congressional legislation in the late 1970s, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH) has come a long way in providing regulatory oversite for the implementation of safety measures in the workplace. The establishment of the OSH Act was the result of constant workplace accidents, conditions and practices that did not take environmental health and safety measures into account, thereby creating hazardous working conditions for American workers. Since its establishment, the…

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  • Vietnam War Article Analysis

    It is very accurate and honest and precise to the writer knowledge like the Code of Ethic require of the journalist to do, but this article has a negative tone toward the Vietnam War by writing that the bombing of the Vietnam was a failure. As this article was written by someone in the Associated Press, it upholds the Code of Ethic of Journalism. The article was candid about the war and bombing. At this point of the Vietnam War America, a citizen was starting to want nothing to do with the…

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  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Essay

    prescription pain killers are taking more lives than motor vehicle accidents, more than cocaine and heroin combined, they are creating an addiction that seems to be growing out of control and law and health officials do not know how to control it. Since 1990 drug overdose rates have tripled in the United States, accounting for nearly 15,000 deaths alone in 2008 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] , 2011). According to the CDC (2011) one hundred people die from overdose every day…

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  • Gambler Addiction Assessment Analysis

    The two assessments that were administered to the client were the Gambler Addiction Index (GAI) and the Coping Response Inventory Adult Form (CRI). The purpose of the GAI is to measure the severity and intensity of an individual’s gambling addiction. In addition to, the assessment measures the strong impulses an individual has to gamble and the harmful consequences of gambling. The rationale of selecting this assessment for the client, Alan, was because in the previous session, Alan mentioned an…

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  • Differences And Responsibilities For Health And Safety Assignment

    Presentation - Power point uploades individualy Aiv A comparison of the differences in the main health and safety responsibilities of each of the following: a) Social care worker – Responsible for • Read and understand the health and safety manual. • following the health and safety policies to minimise any risk to themselves or others • Report any health and safety issues to the appointed person. • Ensuring that all accidents are reported to the Manager without delay • Only using…

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  • Social Media, Crime, Law Enforcement And Racial Discrimination

    the public perception with isolated circumstances of interaction with law enforcement and their communities. This often times accuses police of racial discrimination in the workplace. I found books, news articles, and academic journals, that helped support my view on the situation. The purpose of me writing this research paper is that, I will be bringing attention to the fact that the media is portraying all law enforcement as officers that discriminate against people, based on their race and…

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  • Narrative Essay About A Job

    I was proud of what I had accomplished, even though the reporting career is a tough one. Regardless of the competition that comes with it, I was grateful to be working in NYC 24/7 News. Ever since I was 10, I have always wanted to become a news reporter and make it a lifetime career. My favorite part of this path was simply discovering the world around me and keeping in touch with it. The world is a very special place if you ask me; like a mother to us humans, animals, and beholds the…

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