Religion And Science : A Matter Of Perspective Essay

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Religion and Science: A Matter of Perspective.
Ever since the beginning of time people have been trying to perceive the world around them. Religion has been a staple of this attempt to describe life and death and the meaning of it all. Simpler sun based religions were a religious perspective based on little amounts of astrophysics/Galilean Science available at the time. As time progressed science began to discredit humans as the universal creators and people are just an insignificant part of our universe. Science, however, isn’t universal about its view of the world. The Newtonian view looks at the world at the macro scale and view it as a sum of its material parts. The quantum physics view looks at the world as a very organized set of particles that create patterns in a way that shows the material world as a shadowy result of illusions and light. Despite the fact that there are many differences between theses seemingly polar views of fact and faith they are more similar then they first appear. Both religion and science view the complex events around them as composed of smaller sets of rules and both views look at the events AND STUFF
Sciences such as John Conway use their observation skill to notice that complex patterns, such as the emotions that we humans fell or the complex interconnecting organ system that compose us that arise from , arise from a small set of set rules. Like religion science believes that the cause of events
Stephen Hawking has described two models on…

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