Religion And Science: A Matter Of Perspective

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Religion and Science: A Matter of Perspective.
Ever since the beginning of time people have been trying to perceive the world around them. Religion has been a staple of this attempt to describe life and death and the meaning of it all. Simpler sun based religions were a religious perspective based on little amounts of astrophysics/Galilean Science available at the time. As time progressed science began to discredit humans as the universal creators and people are just an insignificant part of our universe. Science, however, isn’t universal about its view of the world. The Newtonian view looks at the world at the macro scale and view it as a sum of its material parts. The quantum physics view looks at the world as a very organized set of particles
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The first model, the fish bowl model, states that if a fish lived its entire life inside the fish bowl with curved sides that it reality would seem to be distorted to an outside viewer. This alternate view of reality is not necessarily distorted. This warping could be taken into account from the fish and if the fish was smart enough, the fish could calculate how to interpret the world outside of the curved wall tank and how to escape it. While the math is a bit more challenging, the physics remains the same. This model shows that despite the fact that things may obscure the view of the truth, these truths can be taken into consideration in order to interpret the information that is observed from the outside world. In another way this also shows that our own view using our eyes is unreliable in a way. This is shown physically since our brains only perceive a small area with good resolution at any given moment. The location of the optic nerve also means that there are two small holes in your vision. However our brains fill in the gaps in our vision with previously obtained information and allows us to have a smooth view of the world. Our brains are so good at doing this that our own

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