Life in 1950s America Essay

  • Technology In The 1950s Essay

    The 1950s sparked events within the United States of America that lead to a chain reaction of innovation and movements throughout the country. This decade in America set the stage for future advancements in technology and society. The name that gives this decade in time justice is “The Decade of Improvement Many areas of the country experienced innovation including, the medical field, the civil rights movement, and the entertainment industry. The events that occurred within these areas led to refurbishment of America. With the discovery of the smallest building block of life, with a trial that would affect the lives of many, and with the opening of the “happiest place on Earth,” America would begin progressing within its industries and society. Technology and advancements established in the 1950s impacted human life in a positive way. With the availability of new resources and technology, people were able to live healthier lives. For instance, polio had been a major scare in American society. This virus “attacks the nervous system and can cause varying…

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  • America In The 1950s Essay

    the 1950’s, America faced daunting challenges and overcame difficult encounters. The 1950’s was a time of change in the American world. During this time period, many changes swept the country which can be viewed in two different perspectives. Many individuals view this time period as a flourishing and growing affluence, while others view this time period as the complete opposite. This paper will discuss the different trials and tribulations America faced during this time period as well as the…

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  • Compare And Contrast The 1920s And The 1950's

    Today Will Turn To Tomorrow Students believe history is insignificant, waste of time, and useless. Wrong, today can 't exist without yesterday. The United States’s yesterday was a battlefield, a Revolution, a Civil War, a fight for freedom, and a fight for civil rights. Today, the revolution continues and events continue to shape tomorrow. The United States’s past eras, in specific the 1920’s and the 1950’s, are important because of the events which occurred. The 1920 's and 1950 's are both…

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  • Compare And Contrast The 1950s In The 1950's

    The 1950’s was the decade after World War II and is synonymous to being a golden age for capitalism, family, and overall life. 1950’s America was and is still looked at as the poster child for good living. When comparing this era to present day, the admiration is lower in some areas and higher in others. Between these two times, people believe there are major differences that make them polar opposites. The way military impacts individuals differ. In present day, we are not currently recovering…

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  • Critical Analysis Of The 1950s

    Of all the critical analysis over the 1950’s we discussed in class, I believe Michael Dwyer’s article “Fixing the Fifties” and Stephanie Coontz’s “The way we never were” truly identifies why we view “the fifties” with such adoration. Of course this era so cherished and praised as the ideal time in America, is nothing more that a mythological veil. This obscured reflection has falsely projected a time of complete happiness, low social and economic distress, and even posterized what one should…

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  • What Is The Myth Of The 1950s Family

    The New Diverse Family Rejects the 1950’s Times have changed since the 1950’s and will continue to change throughout time. The 1950’s family was considered the breadwinner-homemaker family. In today’s society, it is hard to wrap our heads around what that perfect happy family was. From the 1950’s America has become more diverse which has caused family life to become different. Normally the nuclear family has a stable marriage, stable income and a great house. Now there are so many complications.…

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  • Cultural Conflicts In The Movie Pleasantville

    differences between the 1950s and modern day culture as illustrated by the movie Pleasantville. To start off, family was a large part of 1950s culture. The movie depicts this emphasis on family…

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  • Ideology In Lust For Life

    The role of ideology in the biopic Lust for Life is ambiguous due to the many different interpretations of the term; critics over the years such as Marx and Engels have attempted to present how ideology plays a role in our perception of society. The idealised role of the individual artist is something which is highly romanticised and the presentation of Gogh as the stereotypical tortured genius is portrayed through the film’s artistic form . Fundamentally ideology is a social construct, and…

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  • Discrimination In The 1950's

    When thinking about the 1950 's in America, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it black and white episodes of “I Love Lucy,” old-fashioned clothes, and simpler times? There is actually much more to the 1950 's than people may generally think about. Americans were striving for social and cultural growth, as well as soaking in the enjoyments of finally being able to relax after the stress of WWII. There was also an enthusiastic period of financial stability during the mid 1950 's…

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  • Pop Culture And Gender Roles In The 1950's

    The 1950’s are often thought of as a decade of simpler life and prosperity in America. However, this may be considered a misconception of the time period. Pop culture of the 1950’s reflected the reality of the decade where gender roles of men and women were solid in American culture and racism was still prevalent in society. Gender roles in America in the 1950’s were solidified into the culture which was largely represented in the decade’s pop culture. The reality was that women and men had…

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