Impact of Nature and Nurture on Language Development Essay

  • The Importance Of Nurture On Language Development

    The Genie video argues that nurture can have an immense effect on language development and verbal expression. Genie was an extreme case of isolation throughout the vital developmental years. She was deemed "mentally retarded" and locked in a room attached to a chair during her childhood. Her isolation caused her to have deficits in areas of motor development, walking, and language development. She never interacted with anyone and as a result she never learned how to verbally express herself. This case study tested the earlier accepted theory by Noam Chomsky that language is innate and if not learned before the child hits puberty then, it will never be attained. Researches saw a great opportunity to study Genie to further research and put the theory to the test. In the end, they found that the isolation and lack of stimulation caused the part of the brain that processes language and grammar to deteriorate and learn how to function without language. So, she was able to communicate and learn some words but ultimately could not acquire verbal language. This case study proved that nurture or the environment that a person is subjected to can have immense effects on a person 's quality of life. The Atlantic article argues a theory that we have genes that make us dandelions or orchids. Dandelions are low maintenance and can thrive in almost any environment, whereas orchids require care and attention to thrive and if they don 't receive it they wilt. For dandelion individuals, this is…

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  • Heredity And Environment: The Influence Of Intelligence?

    Intelligence is viewed as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Heredity and environment are two most important factors which influence the intelligence. Now the question arises, is the intelligence determined by nature or nurture? There is a great controversy between the influence of nature and nurture on the intelligence. Some people are of the view that intelligence is the result of traits passed by ancestor to descendant by genes and some people think that it is the…

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  • Nature And Nurture In Cognitive Development Of Children Case Study

    that early childhood experiences have a tremendous effect on all aspects of development of a person. This essay looks at the role of nature and nurture in the cognitive development of individuals using case studies of two feral children and the psychological impact of the Holocaust for the children who survived it. 1. Examination of the role of nature and nurture in cognitive development of a child using Isabelle and Genie case studies It is generally agreed that the development of a child is…

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  • Nature And Nurture In Child Development

    The nature versus nurture debate is concerned with the extent to which aspects of behaviour and development are a product of either inherited or acquired characteristics and on how each influences that behaviour and development. Research currently suggests that in to understand human development it is important to look at how nature and nurture interconnect and not to stress the differences between the two (Lerner, 2002). Child development theories have focused on discussing how children…

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  • Nature Vs Nurture Debate

    Nature vs. Nurture The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest debates in psychology. The nature aspect, which is the more scientific theory of the two, is the idea that genes have a greater impact on a person’s development. The nurture aspect is centered around if a person’s environment has a more significant impact on a person’s development. Scientists know for a fact that eye color, hair color, height, and other similar traits are in our genetic makeup. However, there is no way for…

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  • What Is Nature Vs. Nurture?

    The debate of nature versus nurture has been ongoing for quite some time. Which one influences us more? Is it nature? This provides our genotype, or our genetic code. Or is it nurture? This is our environmental influences in the origins of behavior and mental processes (Rathus 56). Both of these contribute to who we are, but which one impacts us the most? This is what psychologists have been trying to determine for years. Sure, nature plays the role of determining what we look like physically,…

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  • The Age-Old Question Of Nature Vs. Nurture?

    The age-old question of nature vs. nurture is one that continues, even today to plague both philosophers and scientists. The question pertains to the idea that we as human beings are either influenced by our genes or our surrounding when it comes to our behaviour. Both sides of the argument have logical fact supporting their thesis, however a new thesis has a risen; perhaps it is not nature vs. nurture, but nature via nurture. Establishing the idea that our behaviour is based on our genes and…

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  • Genetic Correlations And Their Implications Affects The Social Development Of Autism?

    Genetics are the backbone of how a human being interacts and develops socially. Unfortunately, not every human is born with a complete set of working genes. A genetic disorder, such as a conduct disorders or autism, causes a person to struggle behaviorally and socially. These struggles can profoundly affect a person’s ability to develop mentally. The nature vs nurture debate can be applied to genetic disorders not only because these disorders are caused by genetics (nature) but also because they…

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  • Bilingualism: Advantages And Limitations To Children At An Early Age

    advantages to children at a young age. As elementary students learn the concepts of a second language, they are able to understand concepts better than individuals that only speak one language. The advantage of learning two languages at an early age is that children’s minds are able to produce cognitive benefits, such as having more linguistic tools towards thinking, creativity, and flexibility in problem solving. Bilingualism helps children become cognitively superior, which as a result…

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  • Nuture Vs Nature Vs Nurture

    Both behaviorism and evolutionary psychology differ from others on the spectrum in that they are both extremes, and the creation of the two fields resulted directly from the nature vs. nurture question. Despite this, modern psychologists disagree with the “all or nothing” mentality that both extremes of the spectrum pose. Instead, the question has been rephrased to “How much does each role play in development?” Given that both nature and nurture play a valuable part in acquired characteristics…

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