Faith And Reason: Why Science And Catholicism Are Made For Each Other

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Ever since I got the opportunity to choose my theology project topic, “ Faith and Reason: Why Science and Catholicism are made for each other? Today many claim that the Church is anti-science, or that science is the “new religion” and Catholicism is no longer relevant. Explore the history of both the Church and science, and the history of these accusations. Explain why both need each other, ” I was excited for this project to begin. One thing I did not realize though was how extensive it was going to be. Having grown up with science in my life and a true passion for it, I thought it was going to be a breeze, but that was not the case. Talking to people about my topic was one of the toughest things I had to do. Most times, the question came to …show more content…
So in order to improve on that issue, I created a chart to establish distinguished differences between science and religion, the challenges behind each, and why they are need for each other. This way when my next dialogue came I would be prepared. I realized from this point forward I was speaking smoother, talking with excitement, and with a confident approach. I truly love researching this topic and was very grateful for having chosen a topic I have a deep passion for. Dialogue four rolled around no to long after that. Deacon Dan was the person I decided to interview for this one because I figured he would be able to put everything into concrete for me. He was the best person I have ever talked to. He was able to be the devil 's advocate but also support the topic. He made me think and really get to know my topic on a deeper level. He asked questions to prepare me incase he were to be the one in which I would be standing in front of later when I present my topic to the whole class. This allowed me to learn that even though it seems

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