Science And Religion Essay

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Science and religion are two words that are assumed to oppose each other due to the factual, logical basis of science and the faith in the unknown presented in religion. Yet these two disciplines share many commonalities and interactions that lead to the development of a field of study. Alfred White Northhead, a Protestant theologian, exceptionally expressed that God and nature work as one, indicating any change in the science nature, should lead to an alteration with how society comprehends God. (Olsen, 2) Throughout this paper it will be clear that science and religion are a field due to the commonalities the disciplines share, the overlap of knowledge seen in both topics and importantly the dispersion of the work among academics. This …show more content…
To begin, the rise of the field of science and religion was heavily influenced by the public figures that had made advancements in the understanding and application of the field. Church Fathers were a number of these individuals who took the extrinsic value of science to use in combination with the teachings of the church. One example was St. Augustine of Hippo. He was educated in pagan philosophy and in his adulthood found Christianity. (Adam, "When does the history of science begin") He claimed that to truly understand biblical references, one must have some knowledge of nature to understand references in scripture. An example was that when snakes shed their skin they become stronger, which can play an important role when referenced in scripture. (Adam, "When does the history of science begin") He is clear that one should never connect the specific stories from the bible to theories of nature as falsification of the theory can destroy the power of the scripture. St. Augustine 's views have been constantly referenced for centuries throughout the field of science and religion as it has continued to grow and develop. (Adam, "When does the history of science

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