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  • Globalization: The Super Story By Thomas Loren Friedman

    Globalization a modern day way to describe the process in which different cultures are able to interact and learn from one another, through different ideas, items and people. Coming together to reconnect humans with the rest of the world, globalization is closely looked at and studied by those who want a clearer understanding of what it takes for people to be able to reconnect with cultures different from there’s. Thomas Loren Friedman, three time Pulitzer Prize winner, and current writer for…

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  • Security Issues In International Relations

    The official academic field of international relations is a recent field of study, beginning after the end of World War II, in the political sciences. While the academic field is fairly new establishment in the political sciences, the issues at the core of the discipline have been discussed for hundreds of years. One of the issues that is central to the division of international relations is the idea of security. The topic of security contains many different aspects all of which can be addressed…

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  • The Importance Of Cultural Awareness In The United States

    A group or society’s beliefs, customs, art, and religion are a few variables that define its culture. Today’s vast exposure to technology coupled with the availability of international travel, cultural awareness is essential to facilitate a level of understanding, and one day possibly acceptance. As citizens of the United States of America it is extremely important to remain open-minded and cognizant as culture continues to expand across the nation. Commonly referred to as the melting pot of…

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  • Garrett Hardin's Lifeboat Ethics: An Interminable Paradox

    Tragedy of the Commons: An Interminable Paradox Essayist Garrett Hardin, in his paper, “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case against Helping the Poor”, argues that human beings are involved in a slowly increasing state of world devastation as they continue to misuse the world’s resources and, consequently, refuse to provide the adequate resources in return for their plundering. Hardin’s purpose is to educate the intellectual public of this matter so that measures might be taken and unreasonable solutions…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The Korean War And The Afghanistan War

    The Korean War and The Afghanistan War were two major events in the cold war, but both shared some differences and similarities. Each war was placed in a totally different theater around the globe. They both started in different ways, for different causes, in different settings, and with different ending, but still managed to have some similarities in them. We’ll be talking about all the difference and similarities. We will talk about each war in detail and how each started and ended and…

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  • A Good Leader: Adolf Hitler As A Great Leader

    While I’m sure we can all agree that Adolf Hitler wasn’t the best human being ever, Hitler may have been one of the best leaders of the twentieth century. Born April 20th, 1889 and died April 30th, 1945, was an Austrian-born German politician who was a leader in the Nazi party, Germanys chancellor from 1933 to 1945 and Fuhrer of Nazi Germany from the year 1934 to 1945, (David 1998.) He can be attributed to be a good leader because of various reasons: He was a leader with visions; he was a…

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  • How Did The Western Culture Affect The Union Between East And West

    There are different meanings about the meaning of the Western World. Western civilization was born thousands of years ago with the rise of the Greek city-state, influenced by Middle Eastern culture. EAST East (Latin orens, oriri participle: appear birth) is the name of the direction from which the sun (and other stars) minted in antiquity, namely the East rises. By extension, it refers to those regions that are east of the benchmark. In the "Western" culture he was given this name to Asia.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Military Intervention

    Military Intervention has become a big part of a country’s way of expression towards unlawful crimes committed by terrorist or militant neighboring countries towards small and vulnerable nations. Military intervention, in most cases, is a last resort due to the fact that diplomacy is never considered by everyone involved in the diplomatic affair. As for military intervention, it does not always involve a much stronger country and a small country that cannot fend for itself. Opposition to war is…

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  • Giolitti's Government In Italy Case Study

    The PSI being inspired by Bolshevik party’s seizure of power in Russia adopted this policy of revolution and made the decision to join the Comintern (the communist international, a Moscow-based organisation, its aims were to co-ordinate and control the activities of national communist parties). Now not committed to a socialist republic and the dictatorship of the proletariat, the socialist party organised numerous strikes, protests and demonstrations in Italy. It attracted massive publicity too,…

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  • Women's Role Of Women: Life Before And After World War II

    Life before and after World War II drastically changed for women. Women gained experiences during the war time that has impacted themselves still today. The men who were eligible were sent off to fight leaving women responsible for filling their shoes and maintaining home life simultaneously. This left the door open for women like Constance Bowman and Clara Marie Allen to gain the opportunities to work in jobs previously only assigned to men. Bowman and Allen give real life accounts in the book…

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