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  • Causes Of The Axis Powers

    The axis powers took on too much in World War Two. There are several factors, which contributed in the defeat of the axis powers and many historical ideas and information, which need to be considered. The axis powers were the countries that fought against the allied powers. The axis powers agreed in fighting the allied powers together, although they did not have a proper alliance, nor completely coordinate their activity. The axis powers were led by Germany, Italy, and Japan and also included…

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  • Benito Mussolini Dictatorship

    prime minister of italy in 1923, and by 1925, he named himself dictator, and implemented fascism into the new Italian totalitarian government. This lead to the suppression all other political parties. Mussolini’s reign of power lasted into World War II, where he decided to side with Nazi-backed Germany, in the formation of the Axis Powers. Benito Mussolini ascended…

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  • Nuclear Weapons In The Cold War Essay

    World War 2 was the most destructive human conflict in terms of lives lost. The stakes were high. Extreme violence and ideology created a scary landscape. The desperation in the war brought about the most destructive weapons ever seen by humanity. These nuclear weapons greatly changed the face of warfare. Nuclear arms would play a vital role in the following Cold War. They were a cause of the cold war. They were a tool to threaten rival nations. And finally, they served as the deterrent that…

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  • 1920s Consumerism Essay

    The 1920’s can be described as the old way of life clashing with the new way of life. This time period was a reaction to what happened in the war. World War I and consumerism affected the United States in the 1920s because the economy fluctuated with good and bad change, professional and college athletics and the arts thrived socially, and culturally there was continued segregation for immigrants and blacks, women’s rights improved, and argumentative views proved hard times in America.…

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  • Monarchist Criticism Of Tsar Nicholas II

    problems in the Russian Empire to Russian nationalism and conservatism. In addition to this, he is a recipient of IREX awards for research. In his work, Monarchists Against Their Monarch: The Rightists Criticism of Tsar Nicholas II, he addresses the criticism of Tsar Nicholas II from the point of view belonging to the monarchists. Though there was a positive side to the monarchist movement, there was a very negative side to it as well, and they believed that the Tsar himself caused the crisis of…

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  • Characteristics Of Totalitarianism During World War II

    During World War II, countries such as Japan and Germany utilized characteristics of totalitarianism such as control of information, persecution, and ideology, which contributed to atrocities including the Rape of Nanking, concentration camps, and the Bataan Death March. During World War II, Japan’s totalitarian trait of control of information contributed to the war atrocity of the Rape of Nanking. Control of information is the indoctrination of the state’s ideology through censorship, control…

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  • Adolf Hitler Biography

    Adolf Hitler once said, “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens” (brainyquotes.com). Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria (biography.com). Hitler was the fourth of six children born to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl (biography.com). Adolf Hitler showed great interest in fine arts; he applied to the Academy of Fine Arts from which he was declined twice (biography.com). Hitler and his father often clashed, Alois Hitler did not approve of Adolf’s interest in fine…

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  • An Analysis Of 'Rosie The Riveter'

    about a piece of the existing pie; there are too many of us for that. It 's about baking a new pie. " Comparing feminism to "baking a new pie" suggests that women seek a drastic change in today 's society. Despite America 's perseverance in World War II, encouragement and motivation were essential in getting America back on its feet (although, Pearl Harbor did help with that ). During the war, "Rosie the Riveter" plays an enormous role in the spark of feminism. "Rosie"…

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  • The Decisions Of The Atomic Bomb

    During WWII, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt approved the development of the atomic bomb, a project that became known as the Manhattan Project, out of fear that the Nazis would try to build and use a nuclear weapon. After FDR’s death, President Truman inherited the most powerful weapon in the history of mankind and was left with the choice of using it or not. Undoubtedly, his decision changed the world in so many ways, and is largely thought and taught that dropping the atomic bombs on…

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  • Pa Horse Pa Rider Analysis

    Dreaming about World War I ‘Pale Horse Pale Rider’ is a fictional retelling of Katherine Porter’s own experience as an influenza survivor during World War I. Porter does so in the form of a reporter, Miranda, and chronicles a month in her life, as she enjoys a romance with Adam Barclay, a young Army officer, until she becomes a victim of influenza. Adam nurses her, and before she fully recovers, he has to return to his unit, unknowingly carrying with the virus that ultimately causes his demise.…

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