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  • Economic Growth Of 1991

    sought to be projected by the BJP as if these were akin to American-style Presidential elections in a bipolar polity, one in which two personalities were often perceived to be bigger than the parties they represent. It was Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi, and the former won hands down” (Thakurta, 2014). Victory of Modi is been seen as boon for many corporate sector and stock market (Thakurta, 2014). “Economic policy reflected in the new government’s maiden budget focuses on favouring foreign…

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  • Factors For The Rise Of The BJP And Hindu Janata Party

    Since its independence, India has come a long way in terms of its democratic journey. It has faced many challenges and has its own set of unique problems. Today, about 80 percent of the Indian population is Hindu, and the recent political and social trends show that there is a rise of a Hindu Nationalism in India. There are many factors like, the decreasing popularity and power of Congress over the years, party fragmentation and rise in leadership and popularity of the BJP that are responsible…

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  • Chhurpi Case Study

    1.5. Chhurpi Chhurpi is of three types: Soft Chhurpi , Hard Chhurpi and Dudh Chhurpi (7) Soft Chhurpi is one of the most common traditional fermented food products in the house hold of the Sikkimese community. To the local this delicacy item is highly palatable and also replaceable to even the non-vegetarian food. Hard Chhurpi is sweet in taste and chewy. It is the most famous ethnic food highly relished by the tribal community. This type of Chhurpi are very hard and having low moisture content…

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  • 1. What Are The Reasons For Mouth Cancer

    MOUTH CANCER Research Questions: 1. What are the reasons for mouth cancer? 2. How effective are the treatments for mouth cancer? 3. How to avert mouth cancer? 4. What are the effective measures taken against mouth cancer? Objective:- The main reason behind choosing this topic is our keen interest in health and disease and when we saw the mortality rate due to cancer, it made us think to work on it. So we as a group of three candidates decided to spread awareness about mouth cancer. We decided…

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  • Longowal Engineering Case Study

    Placements: Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET), Longowal, was established by Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India in the year 1989. Since then marching ahead, recently SLIET, achieved 56th Rank in the year 2016 by NIRF-MHRD-GOI. Today the Institute enjoys its status at par with NITs, IIMs, Central Universities and other CFTIs. SLIET offers six Masters Program in Engineering courses, nine Bachelors Program in Engineering courses, ten…

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  • Paganism: Saving The World

    list of health benefits the vegan lifestyle’s exciting appeal is impossible to ignore. While vegans enjoy superior wellness, connoisseurs of a western diet expose themselves to an elevated risk for a variety of disastrous diseases. By age forty, Rajiv Misquitta experienced two heart attacks, undergone quintuple bypass surgery, and suffered from LDL cholesterol of one hundred thirty. His world filled with looming danger. After a wake up call from his wife and doctor, he frantically switched to a…

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  • Hindu Rashtra

    Hindu Rashtra is one of the most complex and misunderstood concepts of modern India. Intellectuals and opinion makers had divergent beliefs on this issue. There has been a historical significance as well as modern understanding of this concept that makes it a very widely debated issue on various print and visual media. The concept of Hindu rashtra can be understood by understanding the meaning of the two words ‘Hindu’ and ‘rashtra’ separately. The term Hindu connotes not a particular religion,…

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  • Tribal Youth Case Study

    Skill Development of Tribal Youth: A Case Study of RGNIYD and PJN College of Social Work Initiative in the State of Maharashtra Vijaykumar Waghmare Assistant Professor PJN College of Social Work, Amalner, Dist-Jalgaon Maharashtra, vijaykumar.2057@gmail.com Abstract The youths are the most important and dynamic domain of the population in any society and country. In India, youth in the age group of 15-29 years comprises 27.5% of the population and contribution of these youth in India’s…

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  • Power Of Names Research Paper

    Names, an instrument of and for power Names are not just terms used to refer someone or something. They play a very deeper and important role in today's society. Along with the names, the process of naming reflects a lot about the community and the individuals. The essay by Sunil Kumar, titled "Naming", taken from the book, "The Present in Delhi's Pasts" while talking about names of people, says that names are used as a tool to classify the people "socially and culturally" (93). A certain…

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  • Port Louis Mauritius Case Study

    Port Louis, Mauritius introduction Guide Introduction of Port Louis, Mauritius Hotel Introduction 3. Religious background of Port Louis, Mauritius 4. Typical meals in Port Louis, Mauritius 5. Decoration in the hotel 6. Activities in hotel 7. One hotel existent in Port louis Mauritius Introduction of Port Louis, Mauritius Port Louis, which is the capital city of Mauritius and locate in the Port Louis District. This is the most economic, cultural, political centre and the most populous city…

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