Importance Of Nationalism Essay

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Nationalism means that we carry in our hearts, respect, love and gratitude for our motherland. Although this sense is bestowed on us naturally, but due to some external causes, or may be due to a little ignorance or vicious propaganda, there have been movements espousing anti-national feelings such as the ones witnessed in Kashmir or North-East India. But thanks to the unwavering sense of nationalism in its citizens, India has stood firm as one nation, foiling the designs of separatist forces.
As a mother gives birth to many children and overpowers many obstacles to extend joy and pleasure to them, our nation also does the same for us. Just like a mother, our motherland also bears the pain while producing nutritious grains for us. Even a
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It is the sense of nationalism that protects the nation against all threats and dangers to its unity and itegrity. We can have our different identities as people living in culturally and linguividtically distinct states, but stand together as one under one flag, national anthem and national emblem. We can take our place with pride among citizens of the world as proud and loyal citizens of the largest democracy of the world. The importance of our motherland surpasses all other considerations of caste, creed, and religion.It is only through this deep sense of nationalism and patriotism that we can safeguard our freedom that we achieved after supreme sacrifices and sufferings by millions of sons and daughters of India. Let us never dilute the spirit of nationalism to repay our debts to our motherland.
There are some forces at work which want to weaken the country by spreading separatist feelings and cries for azadi (as witnessed in troubled parts of Kashmir and North-East India). It is unfortunate that some educational institutions in India were recently in the thick of anti-India sloganeering and protests with cries of tearing apart India rending the air. Only an unwavering sense of nationaslim can save the country from falley a prey to to the evil designs of anti-India forces.
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