Mahatma Gandhi's Differences: Gadge Baba With Vandhiji

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Gadge Baba with Gandhiji
Once,Mahatma Gandhi,along with Minister Babasaheb Kher, arrived at Sevagram in Wardha district. Mahatma Gandhi invited Gadge Baba to Sevagram render kirtan. Till the arrival of Gadge Baba at the kirtan place, a huge crowd gathered,waiting for him. The crowd was giving loud acclamation as Bharat Mata ki jay, Jai Hind, Mahatma Gandhi ki jay, Gadge Baba ki Jay. Such acclamations went acrossand reverberatedthe horizon.Gadge Baba arrived and started kirtan. Baba started with,
“Vishnumay Jag Vaishnawancha Dharma, Bhedbhao Bhram, Amangal”
(Vishnu encompassed the whole world with his religion of Dharma, while discrimination and allusions aresinful”.)
Lord Vishnu is pervaded all over. In this world of Vishnu, Gandhi wanted equality in all the religions(sarvadharma sam bhao). There should not be differences in Dharmas. In this world, nobody is low-born orhigh born; there is no distinction in caste and creed. We should love all with equal love. Don’t hate anybody, believe in the country. God protects the devotee observing the level of his devotion, and help him in his work.
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He helped Kabira to weave his Clothes(Uparane),Sajan butcher to sell flesh, Satoba to weed the grass and helped Narhari Sonar(Goldsmith) to make ornaments. Hegrazed the cattlewith Chokhamela. He helped Sakhubai to collect dung-cakes and to fill water at Dharma’s house. He became charioteer(sarathi) of Arjuna. He enjoyed Sudama’s beaten rice (pohe) out of love, grazed the cows of Gawali and paid off the debt of Yankoji. He enduredthe womb-pain for Ambarishi, paralysed the poison of Mirabai andhelped Goroba in kneading the clay and making the earthen pots. From these examples it is proved that Godever helped human being if his motive is pure and devoted to godly causes. Gadge Baba also helped whosoever was in

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