Peruvian cuisine

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  • Descriptive Essay On Tequila Grill

    The Tequila Grill Tequila Grill located in downtown Kalona, Iowa is the best mexican restaurant I have eaten at. The restaurant can be found with ease, even if you are not familiar with the area. I would recommend people come all the way from Iowa City to try this restaurant. Positioned on the corner of Main Street the restaurant has a sign sitting in the corner of the yard that can be seen from the road. It is one block away from Highway One that runs through the town of Kalona. Once…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Persian Restaurants

    Nowadays people are so demanding about what they eat that they choose what to eat carefully. So, the restaurant should keep up with them and be creative with what they present to people. People now have many types of food that they can choose from. For example: in big cities now you could find restaurants from all over the world. Most people love to try new kinds of food and the rest of them has some type of food that they prefer to eat. For me it’s Persian food, I really like it, because they…

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  • Italian-American Culture

    only selectively keeping traditions they had known before. This can be seen through cuisine as it has been noted that foods that are seen as culturally Italian now, such as spaghetti and meatballs, may not have been ethnically based but instead ethnically created as women, the caretakers of the family, used what they had available to them (Cinotto, 2013). Cinotto (2013) also notes that this new creativity in cuisine rose from the parent’s disgust due to what their children were being fed in…

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  • Culinary Career Essay

    From dishwashers to servers, manager to chef, there are many different jobs in the culinary world. One of the few professions that you can start out at the bottom and work your way to the top is the culinary world. What are some culinary careers? In the culinary field there are numerous jobs a person could have, some are chef jobs, some are baking jobs, then there are the other misalliances culinary jobs. Without chefs we would never be able to go out to eat at restaurants. Some chef jobs…

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  • Colonial Cuisine In Colonial America

    Colonial cuisine was heavily influenced by the English at first, but soon developed its own style. Much of the food that was available in the colonies was uncommon in Great Britain and other areas of Europe, which led to adaptation problems with many of the people. The colonists did not have the equipment that people in Europe did, which led to new techniques and unique utensils. Throughout the different colonies, the food was usually unique to that area, because of the differences of economical…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Tequila

    I can probably guess what you are thinking…. “Tequila’s?” Well, yes. When we first discussed the observation and the different places to do it, I was stumped. I thought for many days about somewhere I could do my observation where I felt comfortable, I was not in an unfamiliar area, I did not know much about it, and I could really enjoy my experience. Finally, it hit me! Tequila’s Discoteque… simply known as Tequila’s. So many people I know eat there and have invited me numerous times, but I…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I Love My Job

    I did not go to the college after I graduated from high school; I decided to work at the Chinese restaurant and tried to save some money instead. Working at the restaurant is a hard work and need to stand on the floor at all times. To be honesty to say that, I still love my job because I enjoy to interacting with different people. I remembered my first job was a dish washer in the Chinese restaurant for one whole year and I hated it so much because of the endless hours. It made me so jealous and…

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  • Cuisines In South America

    only of cultural diversity but also of culinary diversity. One reason for this vast diversity is that each country in South America has been influenced by external cuisines and ingredients. Flavors and culinary influences from Africa, European Countries, Native Americans and even Asia have all had a hand in transforming South American cuisine into what it is today. Some of the world’s best dishes hail from South America, and their lasting legacy of flavors and ingredients have forever changed…

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  • Machu Piccu Notice's Inca

    Peru is home to some of the worlds most anticipated tourist attractions, ranging from Machu Picchu to Vinicunca, also known as 'Rainbow Mountain', to sections of the Amazon and many diverse ecosystems. The Inca Trail, Sacred Valley and colonial city of Cusco also contribute to the archaeological region of Macchu Piccu ( 2017) creating one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. G Adventures' Inca Discovery and Intrepid's Inca Trail Express cover those locations…

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  • The Hallyu Wave Of Korean Pop Culture

    One can safely say that the Hallyu wave of Korean pop culture, specifically K-pop and K-dramas have taken off throughout Latin America. Scholarship has recently conducted research on different aspects surrounding the landing of the Korean wave in Central and South America, and this paper will attempt to piece them together to create one cohesive narrative of the spread of Korean culture throughout the region. It will also somewhat focus on the countries of Peru and Brazil, where the effects of…

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