Why I Love To Travel Essay

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Most people who love to travel are heading to Europe and foreign countries at the moment. People always pleased with the place where they were born, grew up besides parents and friends. As a Vietnamese, I choose my country for my journey, which is one of the best tourist attractions in the world. There are many reasons why I choose Vietnam to travel but the most common are delicious foods, beautiful landscape, and special culture.
Firstly, the most special that attracts foreign visitors to enjoy and remember it. Vietnam has many special dishes with secret recipes. Food was the pride, and the cultures of my country. Vietnamese cuisine mixes meats, vegetables, noodles, and all kinds of seafood spiced with tamarind and dipping sauce. Some famous
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One of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, it is Halong bay from the North. If you have chance to meet Halong bay you could know about the culture stories that mention with this bay. Furthermore, you could take one of small rock piece from this bay. This rock could light and bring lucky to you. Next, the south of Vietnam, where I was born, and I love this place with all my heart. Foreigner Street is the familiar name that the people in this area and tourists call about Bui vien. It serves many kinds of entertainment such as hotels, foods, and travel services especially bar, pub is the main business. People in this area speak many multiple languages. This community consider to servers foreigner with the price from cheap to average. This area has been mentioned in the list of place must be visit when you are in Saigon. After that, Bitexco financial tower had reached the top five in the list of twenty skyscrapers building in the world. Bitexco is the tallest building in Vietnam with symbol of lotus and this building server in shopping, and mall major. In the last of South Vietnam, this is a largest island in my country, also known as Pearl Island. Apart from the long sandy beaches, we have reefs, primeval forests, and abundant natural carpets. These landscapes are attracting tourists to explore the unspoiled beauty. There are many places to explore and visit in Vietnam but it cannot …show more content…
The main transport in this country is motorbike, when you are in Vietnam you could see how people moving by motorbike, traffic jam and many kinds of vehicles such as cyclo, horses cycle… People are friendly, kind, and congenial. They are happy to help everybody when you meet difficulty troubles while travelling and living in there. Such as, you are first time visit Vietnam you can get help from student, and volunteers in the cities. They appreciate to be a tour guide for you. Even an old woman sell snacks and cheap products in a pavement can help people who are in bad position. Thing that I am pride of my country, there is no racism, whoever you are you can do, play and living peace life. Vietnam, where we are learning and working together, people is not stressful and always supports each other in

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