Race And Diversity In Santha Rama Rau's Two Ways To Belong In America?

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“My son, Wind-Wolf, is not an empty glass coming into your class to be filled. He is a full basket coming into a different environment and society with something special to share”(Lake p. 75). These are the dying words of Robert Lake’s essay, An Indian Father’s Plea, regarding his son who was viewed as a slower learner by his teacher. This is one of the many scenarios people face everyday when dealing with one’s culture. The country people are born, the traditions people contain, and the new environments people encounter all contribute to the way people view others and the world.
Race and ethnicity have a large contribution to the way people are viewed and view the world. In Santha Rama Rau’s short story, By Any Other Name, the two sisters;
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In Bharati Mukherjee’s personal essay, Two Ways to Belong in America, Mira claims that she sustained to her Indian culture and didn’t change the way she viewed America. Bharati said that her sister, Mira, “After 36 years as a legal immigrant in this country, she clings passionately to her Indian citizenship” and she feels “some kind of irrational attachment to India” that she doesn’t have toward America (Bharati Mukherjee p.70-71). This indicates that she sustained her Indian heritage even though she went to a different country, America. However, Mira later tells Bharati that she obeyed all the rules, paid the taxes, loved her work, students and friends showing that she did change the way she viewed America. An example could be when a kid named Genard Abrigo that moved to the U.S. from Japan and although he did bring along his cultural heritage and traditions, he also adapted to the way he viewed the world and his peers. This is similar to Mira’s position because despite that they both claimed to have brought their cultural traditions and perspective, they had to adapt to a new environment, eventually changing their perception of the

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