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  • Who Was To Blame For First World War Essay

    World War I, commonly called the Great War, ended in the loss of around nine million lives and cost roughly 300 billion dollars all together. So who is to blame for starting this “war to end all wars” as it was once called? While many factors, including miscommunications between foreign offices and stubbornness by the leaders of these various countries was what would result in the war coming to fruition, the blame for there being a war lies ultimately with the Prime Minister of Serbia, Nikola Pasic. For he allowed the match that would lite the powder keg that was Europe in 1914 to be sparked. It has long been accepted that the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the catalyst that lead to war breaking out and while strictly speaking the Black Hand is responsible for the killing, they were backed, and assisted by members of the Serbian…

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  • Da Vinci Vs Thomas Edison

    Who was a better inventor LeoNardo DA Vinci or Thomas Edison? It has been long debated on who was a better inventor, Leonardo DA Vinci or Thomas Edison? Thomas Edison might have been a leading inventor in his time, because he created the light bulb but that was really his main achievement. Leonardo DA Vinci was better because he had more inventions, better known for his work, and he was specialized in many lines of inventing. Now you really need to think Thomas Edison was responsible for…

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  • Analysis Of 'The Ghost Boy And This Railroad Changed America'

    “Thousands of workers from China helped build America’s Transcontinental Railroad” (Lewis). Kenneth Oppel and Kristin Lewis are both authors of two great stories with different aspects of America’s Transcontinental Railroad. Kenneth Oppel is the author of “The Ghost Boy”, a story about a fourteen year old boy named Luke is traveling on a train with his father. He happens to stumble upon a ghost; a victim to the making of the Transcontinental Railroad. Kristen Lewis is the author of an…

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  • MOSFET Case Study

    In 1959, metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) was invented by Dawon Kahng and Martin M. (John) Atalla at Bell Labs. Julius Edgar Lilienfeld had already patented the basic principle of this kind of transistor in 1925. But later the Bell Labs edition was allocated the name bipolar junction transistor, or merely junction transistor, and design of Lilienfeld came to be identified as field effect transistor. Later, Jean Hoerni found that Silicon dioxide (SiO2) should be used to…

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  • Morse Code Impact On Society

    u know that the first message of Morse code was sent to someone 40 miles away in May 1844, the message sent was "What hath God Wrought?” My name is Shae Phillips and today I will be telling you who, what, when, where and why Morse code was invented and how it changed the economy, society and what were the short and long term effects and how revolutionised the future. In 1838 Morse code was invented by Samuel Morse. Morse then further introduced a working telegraph in 1844 which allowed users on…

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  • Nikola Tesla Biography Essay

    Introduction “What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics.” [1]. Nikola Tesla was born in the industrial age under the Austrian empire on 10th July 1856. Being raised with advance knowledge of engineering and science, Tesla started his career with the emerging electric power industry in the early 1880’s for whom he worked for until the late 1880’s. His first significant achievement happens with AC or Alternating Current. He has owned the patents for the Alternating Current…

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  • Samuel Morse Code: A Co-Inventor Of The Industrial Revolution

    Have you ever heard of Samuel Morse? If you have then you know that he was a co-inventor of Morse Code. Morse Code is a systematic way of transmitting information via code and it is sent either from light or from off and on tones. Samuel Morse is known for much more than Morse Code, however. He originally gained his reputation for being a portrait painter and by helping invent the single-wired telegraph. Because of what is being called the Industrial Revolution many new inventions like Morse Code…

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  • Cause And Effect: Thomas Edison

    Cause and Effect: Thomas Alva Edison (Thomas) Hook I am often thought of as the one of the greatest inventors who ever lived. I am Thomas Alva edison Background info I was born February 11,1847 in Milan Ohio. I was the youngest of the seven children of Samuel Ogden Edison and Nancy matthews Elliott. My father was a activist from Canada. My mother was an accomplished school teacher and a major influence on my life. In 1878, i worked on a way to replace the gaslight and candle light on…

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  • How Did Thomas Edison Contribute To The World

    Thomas Edison was an amazing man, and did amazing things for the world and America. He was an inventor who worked mainly with electricity and things that will help people with everyday things. He started out small and then he grew as a business and was one of the best inventors people say. And he works with all of this stuff to make him more determined and he had his mind set on this stuff. If Thomas Edison didn’t do what he did the world wouldn’t be the same as it is now. Thomas Edison was…

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  • Technological Innovations During The Gilded Age

    Technological innovations had a major impact on the U.S during the Gilded Age. Our major inventors were Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla. Thomas Edison invented the DC light bulb however, Nicola Tesla invented the AC light bulb. Tesla worked under Edison as his apprentice when he was working on the light bulb. While Tesla was under Edison, JP Morgan was trying to find an industry that he could rise from the ground, and that's when he found Edison with electricity and the light bulb. JP…

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