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  • The Importance Of The Algonquian Tribe In The Eastern Great Lakes Region

    native tribes having to be forced out of their homes and turned into refugees, the author provides evidence using a book called The Middle Ground by Richard White. Chapters within the book provides the story of Algonquian peoples putting together a new identity from the ruins caused by the Iroquois, the French settlers being the glue to helping the…

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  • Amenities And Open Spaces: The City Of Utica

    1. Area: The community in which I live is an urban setting located in Central New York. The City of Utica is located in Oneida County. 2. Demographics: With an estimated 61,332 people in the City of Utica according to the U.S Census Bureau, the city has seen a decrease in residency since the formal census conducted in 2010 (Census Bureau). Even with the estimated decrease in population, the city is home to a multitude of races and ethnicities immigrating to the U.S from various countries…

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  • Brief Summary Of 12 Years A Slave

    First, they stop in New Orleans where they receive official papers stating that Solomon is a free man. Then they travel to Washington, D.C. to bring some justice to the case of Burch. While there is evidence against Burch for kidnapping and selling Solomon into slavery, Burch is let off free. The main reasoning is that because Burch is white and he can testify while Solomon cannot take the stand. In the end, no justice is served. He reaches New York to reunite with wife, daughter, and…

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  • Industrial Revolution: The Erie Canal

    to factory and machinery. During this time period many new inventions came along such as steamboats , which could travel without wind or current , this invention played a huge part in one of America’s greatest creation at this time period , the Erie canal. The creation of the Erie canal created a route from the Atlantic ocean of the Hudson river to the great lakes of lake Erie, helping stimulate the economy of America and the state of New york, which Erie canal ran through, because of Erie…

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  • White Indian Characteristics

    Long ago, Native Americans were a threat to caucasian settlers in the new America. In the realistic fiction novel, White Indian, by Donald Clayton Porter, he tells the story of the Seneca tribe. At the time, the Seneca was a powerhouse of a nation, raiding any town in their way, slaughtering innocent people. The leader of the Seneca, Ghonka, also known as The Great Sachem, was not one to be messed with. While invading a settlers town, Ghonka was raiding a specific house, about to kill everyone…

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  • Literary Analysis Of The Outcasts Of Poker Flat

    the next as well. They stayed this way until help arrived wiping the snow of their faces. Their faces expressed serenity with their arms around each other. Francis Bret Harte was born on August 25, 1836, in Albany New York, and died May 5, 1902 in London. Harte’s family arrived in New York and also in Brooklyn in the year 1845. He did not have a good education, but did develop a love for books. He left for California gaining knowledge of camp life. He was employed at the Northern Californian a…

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  • How Was Your Transition From Career To Career?

    1. Q: Where did you go to school? A: The Fashion Institute of Technology 2. Q: What was your major? A: FMM, double major in Buying and Product Development with a minor in psychology 3. Q: What year did you graduate? A: 2014 4. Q: Did you have anyone who veered you away from FIT? A: she actually did not want to come to FIT at all. Her mother made her come, she wanted to go to a party school and she didn’t want to live in NYC. She hated school hen she first got here, however, she joined…

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  • Susan Fenimore Cooper's Essay

    myself walking through the scene one by one. First, was the dirt, the place where every good thing comes from, and the often-unsung hero of nature. I say hero because what happens in nature that does not somehow begin with the soil in that environment? New Brunswick is especially interesting because it is not like everywhere else. The dirt here always has a reddish tint to it and while I am not exactly sure why, I know it has something to do with…

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  • Student Identification Report

    my initial teaching certification in hand, I was excited to teach and challenge the young minds of our great state. As I sent application after application to every school district in the tri-city area, I quickly realized that teachers in Western New York State are a dime-a-dozen. Determined to get my foot in the door somewhere, I substituted during the day and continued working shifts at the country club at night and on weekends. With the school district’s increasingly rigid criteria regarding…

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  • An Analysis Of Jay Gatsby's My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close

    Jay Gatsby’s life closed twice before his end. The poem “My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close” parallels Gatsby’s life in multiple ways. In both Gatsby’s life and Emily Dickinson’s life there are events that “close” their life upon two occasions. Both of their lives are left unassured if a third event will close their lives again, this time possibly for good. Gatsby and the narrator of the poem are left baffled as to how such egregious events occurred, upon two occasions. Finally, they both…

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