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  • Patrick Loggins Time Wharp

    When Patrick Loggins’ Time Wharp project released the smartly and jazzily constructed “Cole Dub” earlier this year, I had to sit back and notice. “Cole Dub”, like much of Time Wharp’s eponymous debut, toes the line between nightclub and morning commute music - you can hear the conflict in the thumping nocturnal beat mixed with that oily hi hat (which also helps to explain the choice in cover art). “Cole Dub” and the rest of Time Wharp is a very, very nice debut LP from a producer who could - and…

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  • Hip Hop

    once failing charts to be sky rocketing is because of their influence.(Watkins 13) From that point on Hip Hop has continued to influence fashion and the culture of people today. There are many celebrities that are brand endorsers, such as Kanye West. Kanye West is also linked to Adidas. In 2016 the Yeezy Boost 360 was realesed and sold out in 12 minutes. Because of the big star Kanye is supply and demand for his shoes were very high.(Watkins 15) Other such findings demonstrates that Hip hop…

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  • Art And The Bible: An Analysis

    Both of these losses were taken personally with West publically citing his everything from his wealth and success to his narrow-minded pursuits and selfish endeavors as his fatal flaws. Regarded as the black sheep of West’s discography, reception was anything but positive with the album receiving a 7…

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  • Formation Of The Berlin Wall Essay

    was due to the Communist Government of the German Democratic Republic. Their goal was to split East and West Berlin to prevent Westerns from entering Germany. The formation of this wall split families, friends and loves ones. November 9th 1989 is known as the day of the ‘‘Fall of the Berlin Wall.’’ On this day the gates where finally opened. It was not until October 3rd 1990 that the East and West where officially reunited. After the fall of the wall a concert called The Wall was hosted in…

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  • Andy Mineo Research Paper

    Andy Mineo is such a breath of fresh air as some people have said due to his very well-exposed inclination to simultaneously infuse his deep-seated Christian values to his musical genre which is hip hop, hence, the Christian hip hop classification. Currently being a frequent mainstay on several American chart listing sites, Mineo's associated with musical outfit Reach is ceaselessly making quite a scene in introducing a different kind of music to the general populace. Born April 17, 1988, Andy…

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  • Thebe Neruda Kgositila

    Thebe Neruda Kgositila is a Chicago native, the son of a UCLA law professor and a South African poet. Nowadays, Thebe is far better known as Earl Sweatshirt. The rapper, producer and former key member of the Los Angeles based collective and movement Odd Future has gained recognition and praise ever since he'd released his debut mixtape, Earl, released back in March 2010. The subject matter of "Earl" can be easily described with one line from the title track. "I got nuts to bust and butts to…

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  • Summary: Annotated Bibliography

    Background Information New York Times. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2015. . Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank were, at one point, collectively know as Palestine.The right to own the land is being fought over by the Israeli Jews and the Palestinian Arabs, who are also known as the Muslims.After the Arab-Israeli War of 1947 was over, the land of Palestine was split into the three regions, Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank. the Israeli Jews state that they have the right to the land because it was…

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  • Jacir's Films

    The fighters become his family. The mountain training camp his home. Tarek even begins training alongside the men, going through the same drills and physical endurance as the grown Although Tarek feels a sense of security and purpose with the group, he never loses sight of the reason he…

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  • Kim Kardashian Essay

    Once upon a time there was a young maiden named Kim Kardashian. Kim had two evil stepsisters, Khloe and Kourtney. They would make Kim do everything for them. From doing the dishes, to the laundry, to cleaning all of the floors. There was no sympathy for Kim and it was so unfair for her. The worst of them all was Kris, the grueling stepmother. Kris was feared by everyone in Los Angeles. They all lived in a big mansion with everything you could imagine. From a home movie theater to an indoor and…

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  • How To Write An Essay On Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar: A Manimal for Analysts Kendrick Lamar is claimed to be the saviors of rap. He is put into everyone’s top five, he has the map. He possess lyrical and emotional complexity in his art. But can he be in the top 5 all rappers of all time? He shares plenty of similarities in the upbringing, rise to the top, and lyrical skill of the greats, but Lamar is an individual. This essay will answer this burning question. Kendrick Lamar grew up around gang members, killers,…

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