Old Taylor Swift Research Paper

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On August 24, 2017, the public faced heartbreaking news through a released statement, “...the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now... Why?” Well I assume you all know the next line. We are gathered here today, on this sacred ground, to pay our final respects and bid a sad farewell to the Old Taylor Swift. I was Taylor’s biggest fan, or as many would say “Swiftie.” The country-pop singer was murdered by the hands of New Taylor’s super edgy rebrand. She was taken from her Swifties and her #Squad far too soon. In the days after her untimely death, let us take moment to reflect on the legacy she left behind. Old Taylor was an artist and an idol.
The blonde-hair and blue-eyed singer started her career with a pair of cowboy boots while she shed teardrops on an acoustic guitar. She became everyone’s girl next door. The sweet, innocent Taylor sang about kissing in the rain and finding her Romeo, even if that involved her sitting on
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She was a savvy business woman that put her consumers (aka Swifties) first. She was a person who created her own brand. She was the girl who featured in Disney, but didn’t need it to be successful. She was the woman who stole everyone’s childhood sweethearts such as Joe Jonas, moving on to John Mayer and Harry Styles. But as we got older, we learned she wasn’t a dream crusher. Instead, she revealed to us women can have relationships and sing about them without deserving the criticism men get for having the same amount or more relationships. She showed compassion and bravery to the world even when she was kicked down and had her award stolen from her (thanks kanye). She taught us all so much. It is no wonder why she was my childhood role model. I can remember sitting in the backseat of my mother’s car and listening to Old Taylor’s 2009’s top-selling album, Fearless. On the way to elementary school each morning, I would get heartbroken over a boyfriend that I didn’t even

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