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  • Mirror Box

    The mirror therapy treatment for the amputee veterans has prompted the generation of reflecting frameworks mainly made to treat apparition appendage torment. The treatment process is made most essential of by the hardware i.e. a mirror box. A Mirror box is a gadget which permits the clinician to effectively make this figment. It’s a container with one reflect in the inside where on every side of it, the hand 's is set in a way that the influenced appendage is kept secured dependable, and the simple attachment is continued the opposite side whose reflection can be seen on the reflecting (Drew University, 2009: Pasquina & Cooper, 2003: Moore & Jongsma). In instances of two-sided removal, there is no appendage to reflect. For this, the utilization…

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  • Prosthetic Limbs: A Case Study

    In this paper, we will discuss phantom limb pain (PLP) and propose an alternate form of treatment for PLP using prosthetic limbs. We will discuss two key ways in which prosthetics can be improved—through the use of 3D printed materials and the integration of electrical input and feedback systems—and refitted as PLP treatment. We will also describe the practical advantages of using prosthetics as a form of medical treatment and provide criticism of currently used treatment methods, such as mirror…

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  • The Lady In The Looking Glass Analysis

    Sigmund Freud, a psychologist and sociologist in the 20th century, believed that self-description is rarely a true representation of one’s self because real motives are disguised by conscious thoughts preventing honesty (McLeod). People are inclined to present themselves as more interesting, and in turn believe others are naturally just as amusing. For example, someone in possession of silk from India sounds adventurous or exotic, but the reality could be that the silk from India was actually…

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  • The Vanishing American Analysis

    not lift his head because he is dull. He has already lost part of himself as Mr. Minchell is losing himself. Later, he heads over to the bar, Chez When, and tries to get a drink. The name of the bar is given because it was “a gloomy place, and not very warm.” These adjectives can also be used to describe Mr. Minchell. Shortly after Mr. Minchell is about to leave when he sees a pink, curved mirror. He looked at it and became startled. He becomes started because when he looks into the mirror he…

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  • Marilyn Monroe's Narrative: My Mother

    This bedroom is spacious compared to the one I remember from my childhood and light flows in and penetrates every corner of it. I could see my mother standing in front of the mirror that spanned the width of the wall in her bathroom where she washed her face. After she had rinsed and pat-dried her face with a plush towel, she took a dollop of creme from a jar she kept on a shelf above the sink and massaged it into her skin using gentle circular motions over her face, down her neck and across…

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  • The Mirror In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    Rumored to bring seven years of bad luck upon breaking, a mirror allows the reflection of oneself to be seen. In folklore, mirrors are believed to also show the soul of the person standing before it. Toni Morrison’s novel Song of Solomon illustrates this idea in an interesting way: feeling incohesive before a mirror represents a lack of identity. The protagonist, Milkman, gives himself an identity by taking a journey to find his past and becomes a cohesive individual. Milkman’s contemplation of…

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  • Young Girls Body Image Analysis

    Why is it young girls look in the mirror and cringe? Why do young girls even look in the mirror at all? Perhaps it is the need to feel pretty. They dive deep into the mirror looking for “pretty” traits. Small waist. Wide hips. Long, Healthy hair. Flat Stomach. But then again comes the question, why do girls feel that being pretty physically is what matters. Society has taught us that it is on the outside that matters. The hair, the lips the eyes, rather than personality. For some what’s on…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Advertisement

    focused while they are driving. In the car, there is a family. The husband is driving, and the wife is in the passenger seat. Also, there is a little child in the back seat. The husband is wearing a nice suit and watch and driving a nice vehicle. They look like an ideal happy family. However, while he is on the phone and looking towards his wife, she is holding up a map and conversing with her husband. Neither are paying attention to the road ahead of them, and that results in a catastrophe that…

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  • Reverie By John Brown: Museum Analysis

    This particular work was made using an interesting print making technique of drypoint etching, when you engrave an image usually with a small item like a needle in a plate to create a image then use ink to transfer it on paper. At a first glance I thought it was done by pencil and I was so amazed at how simple and detailed it looked but when discovering it done by drypoint etching I was even more amazed. This piece is an image of an older lady sitting on a chair with a young girl sitting on her…

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  • Themes In Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror

    “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, and I’m asking him to change his ways. And No message could have been any clearer….” Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” goes off on the radio. “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change…” Jackson’s song emphasizes. When I reflect on my life, I often feel like I am looking at mirror images of myself. One of the most important images was in fourth grade. The mirror shows an image of a girl, a girl who was…

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