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  • Analysis Of Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room Movie Reflection

    (2007) stated that Ken Lay grew up poor but he learned the value of hard work. Lay had ambition and knew his life could be better, his ultimate goal was to become rich. This type of work ethic coincides with efficiency our first dimension of McDonaldization. An additional example of efficiency by Enron was inflating the numbers which provided the desired efficiency and predictability that investors wanted. They also used the future value of potential profits to drive profits up for the current…

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  • Voluntary Association Essay

    As you walk into the local library, you see the group of women that you meet with every second Tuesday of the month, for your book reading club meeting. This is your association with a group organized for the purpose of one interest or of several interests in common. That groups members are voluntary associates of that gathering. Voluntary is described by most dictionaries as an act that was done, given, or acting of one 's own free will. A local church has visitation once a week to recruit new…

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  • Chipotle's Advertisement Analysis

    corporately structured systems. Chipotle's advertisement (2013), promotes themselves as a company that has been able to detach from the demanding, hegemonic structure, which further promotes an image of the company that is not “real” or “true”. McDonaldization of the food industry and the lack of control a person has over what is in the food they eat has created a runaway juggernaut. Chipotle (2013), gives insight towards…

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  • Sociological Approach To Sociology

    understandings surrounding Sociology and how they differ from some past sociologist. Today Sociologist tend to focus on trends in globalization and consumption, which I will be discussing in the summary. I will be describing what Sociologist mean by Mcdonaldization of Society, and also how sociologies approach to studying social life. We’ll also be discussing the differences between science and social reform. Lastly we will discuss the ways sociological knowledge differs from common sense.…

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  • Disneyization Of Society

    This source describes the four trends which Disney theme parks disperse throughout popular society, and how these trends contribute to a consumerist capitalist culture. George Ritzer’s The McDonaldization of Society inspired Bryman’s work. Ritzer’s book, published in 1993, introduces the idea of McDonaldization and explains how McDonald’s chains propagate “efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control” (Bryman 1999:381) into contemporary life and commerce. The first element of Disney…

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  • Modernity And Postmodernity

    An underlying feature of Postmodernity, Globalisation has been significantly influenced by the growth of media, technology, transport and the industrialisation revolution. “McDonaldization” is defined as the global domination of fast food restaurants. Likewise, this concept can be closely related to Weber’s idea of rationality as it replaces traditional values with reason and efficiency. For example McDonald 's and other fast food…

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  • Sociological Imagination Sociology

    Social Imagination is an concept that is used by C. Wright Mills. Sociological Imagination is being able to describe the ability to look at things you do everyday and view it from a different perspective. Some examples of social perspectives are symbolic interactionism, functionalism, and conflict theory. Symbolic interactionism is an mirco, that focuses on face to face interactions. Functionalism is a macro, that focuses on the relationship between different parts of society. How aspects of…

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  • The Queens Borough Public Library: Business Analysis

    The Queens Borough Public Library (also known as Queens Library) is one of the three library systems operating in New York City. The library has 62 locations all across Queens. Volunteering at the library for the past two summers has allowed me to further understand how Queens Library operates. I have always been curious about how the library system is able to be interconnected with all 62 branches. As a kid, I always wondered how they were able to keep track of everything. I could return and…

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  • Sally's Ethnographic Study

    When asked about the role of tourism in promoting cultural awareness, Professor Sally referred to how there were many cases that she saw in the Philippines where tourism development showcased cultural practices “that were considered to be distinctive and representative of certain ethnic groups in the Philippines and so for all the people who didn’t belong to those groups, it certainly increased their awareness of those groups and enhanced their appreciation and their recognition of those…

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  • Democracy: Bureaucracy And The Bureaucratic Process

    When someone calls a bank, they are usually greeted by a prerecorded message, welcoming them and issuing prompts. While this is efficient in getting individual connected with someone who may assist them it is impersonal and frustrating. The McDonaldization of society not only frustrates consumers but it can have negative impact on the lives of workers. A bank does not have to pay a prerecorded message, so they may forgo paying skilled telecommunication workers to assist consumer. Automatic…

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