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  • Are People Fat Or Unhealthy

    Have you ever wondered how other people could be so fat, or unhealthy? This video from BYU in 1971, shows a group of young women who struggle with their health. They have an addiction of consuming food constantly, which of course causes bad health. They later go to a counseling group to get help with their health situation, and to become a better person than they were before. In this video, the narrator talks about these women in a horrible way, making fun of them for the way they eat, or dress,…

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  • Susan Bordo The Modern Feminist Analysis

    To be free-spoken nowadays, our universe has changed very much. Susan Bordo the modern feminist philosopher described as surprisingly about the connection between eating disorder and images used in advertisement. She showed beautifully that the objective which is criticizing the culture these days. The main connection between watching an advertisement of slim, beautiful model. The fashion industry influenced the human beings rapidly in this present universe. The young women in order to get…

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  • The Rhetoric Of Anorexia Nervosa

    Anorexia nervosa, a common eating disorder, mostly is triggered by personal request of losing weight or decreasing ingestion. Interestingly, historical accounts stand in direct opposition to what Malson (1998) describes as the rhetoric of anorexia as a modern disease, which is propped up by the popular discourse of thinness and the media. Furthermore, the recent and copious emergence of literature documenting historical cases of anorexia (Bemporad, 1996) may be indicative of a discursive shift…

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  • Media Influence On Women

    Teenagers desire to have a slim body and to be beautiful such as women in media. The media is the most powerful influence on teenagers’ sexual behaviors and attitudes because the media emphasized the slim body of woman in advertisings. Also, the media tend to impose that women should be thin, which can harm adolescent girls who are unable to achieve the highly idealized shape of models. When teenagers think that their body seems different than the models in media, young people are not only…

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  • Essay On Urinatinence

    One result of urinary incontinence is social impairment; moreover, there are some usual physical activities that are enjoyed by many people, with the purpose of fitness and social interaction. However, urinary incontinence patients are forced to give up their favorite activities such as exercising, swimming and dancing fearing that others will know about their condition. Urinary incontinence patients with obesity are the most affected because losing weight is usually required for the treatment…

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  • Ideal Body Image

    Imagine fashion models posing in from of the camera. While those models are seen to have the perfect body image, many of them are struggling to become thin and maintain their style. As a result, many of them become diagnosed by eating disorder just to achieve the unrealistically thin body image. Another problem caused by the fashion industry promoting the unhealthy body image is that the society is also being obsessed with the models’ body shape, and start extreme diet to become like of of them.…

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  • Eating Disorders In Sports

    Eating Disorders in Sports Eating disorders are significant problem in sports. Females are affected the most by eating disorders because of the appearance they hold while playing the sport. The sports that have the most athletes with eating disorders consist of figure skating, dance, swimming, diving, ballet, running, and bodybuilding. These sports are also referred to as “lean sports” where a certain appearance or weight class is needed to participate in. Eating disorders also tend to be…

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  • Kelly Clarkson Eating Disorders Essay

    Famous People wh0 struggled with eating disorders By: Melanie Solland Demi Lovato: Demi Lovato was speaking out about eating disorders to girls, so they could hear about a real-life story and learn the consequences of an eating disorder. Part of Demi’s recovery process consisted of, to get her health back up to what it should be at. Moreover, she needed to get her strength and muscle back that she lost. Her fitness routine had helped her with her bulimia and her bipolar disorders. She was…

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  • The Perfect Body Image

    Body Image The perfect body is something that every person wants but very few posses. Many people will do just about anything to either fit in with their community or cover up their insecurities. Women are clearly more obsess with obtaining the perfect body more than men. From an adolescent’s viewpoint, a particular body image can be particularly dangerous because it can lead to a physiological obsession, eating disorders, and physical health consequences (Berger, 2014). Adolescents can…

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  • Binge Eating Disorder: A Case Study

    Andrea Simpson has Binge-Eating Disorder (BED). There are five major criteria that must be met for the Binge-Eating Disorder diagnosis. The first key feature of this diagnosis is that there must be recurrent episodes of binge eating. Binge eating is considered eating food, within 2-hour periods, in larger portions than what most people would eat in the same timeframe as well as having a lack of control over the eating during the episode. The lack of control would be a feeling that one could not…

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