Maudsley Family Therapy

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  • Occupational Therapist (MDT)

    used by the MDT and how the communication was used to enhance and inhibit team working. To maintain confidentiality, the client’s name and clinical setting will not be disclosed due to a breach of confidentiality (Royal college of occupational therapy 2015).…

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  • Location Of Self

    Self: Opening the Door to Dialogue on Intersectionality in the Therapy Process (2010), Thandiwe Dee Watts-Jones states, “Location of self is the name of a process in which the therapist initiates a conversation with a family about similarities and differences in their key identities” (Dee Watts-Jones, 2010, p.45). In essence, the author is introducing the concept of personal disclosure when establishing rapport with a potential client/family. Though, I am very aware of many of my social…

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  • Narrative Family Therapy Case Study

    A counselor that is using Narrative Family Therapy should make sure that the appropriate environment is set by creating a witnessing structure (Freedman, 2014). During the counseling session, the therapist should encourage a family member to tell his or her story concerning an event that took place (Freedman, 2014). The listening family members are instructed to listen closely and act as a witness to what their loved one has said (Freedman, 2014). The family members in attendance have to…

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  • Bowen Family Systems Theory Analysis

    looking at some of the causes of dysfunctional families and how to avoid become another family member my thoughts are establish clear boundaries with the One aspect of protecting the welfare of the people you work with in therapy is to avoid dual relationships, particularly relationships that are romantic or sexual in nature. It is not ethical for you to participate in romantic relationships with the people you treat in therapy (Good Therapy .org, 2013). People are not born knowing how…

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  • Overview Of Muray Bowen's Theory Family Systems

    This essay will give an overview of Murray Bowen’s theory Family Systems. I will describe theory’s development and outline its core concepts. I chose to write about Murray Bowen and his theory for the reason that I found concepts of Family Systems Theory to be valuable and appropriate in personal therapy as well as in family therapy setting. Bowen’s theory offers greater understanding of the human condition by looking through the lens of family of origin relationships and events which have…

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  • Multicultural Counseling Therapy (MCT)

    What is MCT? Multicultural Counseling Therapy (MCT) - is defined has a range of viewpoints that will assist the counselor and the client relationship by incorporating the 6 indicators. Individualistic approach is balanced with a collectivistic reality that we are surrounded in our families, significant others, our communities, environment and culture. Assisting with a client is not recognized as solely an individual matter, however, an individual who is a product of his/her social surrounding…

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  • Carl Whitaker's Model Of Family Therapy

    Carl Whitaker labels his family therapy approach as experiential/symbolic family therapy. He stated that, “We presume that it is experience, not education that changes families (Keith & Whitaker, 1991, p108).” Whitakers approach and lack of theorizing as well as the deliberate refusal to create a systematic model that often made his theory style hard to understand and impossible to imitate. His method to therapy was an art, and he recommending substituting for theory faith in one’s own…

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  • Mock Therapy Reflection Paper

    MOCK THERAPY SESSION Introduction For this mock therapy session, I was assigned the role of the therapist and my husband was assigned the role of the client. We explored his different stress factors and how he chose to deal with them. My objection was to establish a safe and nonjudgmental environment, "assist my client with a better self understanding and alter their self concept, and behavior" Corsini & Wedding, 2014, p. 143). The rest of this paper would examine how I applied person centered…

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  • Ritual Theory Summary

    This book review is going to be looking the work of Catherine Bell in her book ‘Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice’. In this book, Bell looks at people’s curiosity with rituals and the pre-existing notions of rituals. Bell hashes out the argument on connections that make a discourse on ritual to compel cultural activity studies. Bell acknowledges that there hasn’t really been any analysis of the term ritual that has presented forward one definitive definition, that shows its role in the way people…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Keeping Children Involved In Family Therapy

    Keeping Children Involved in Family Therapy Children who live in healthy environments know and expect that their basic needs will be met. For example, a child knows that a parent will give him or her food when hungry. Even a baby learns that crying will result in the end of discomfort from a wet diaper. Their world and those in it serve to meet their needs and frequently their wants. What children learn and know about the people in their lives is contingent upon their caregivers and the…

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