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  • Brad Manning's Essay Arm Wrestling With My Father

    relate it to their own experiences. The essay begins with Manning and his father, hands locked together, in the middle of an intense arm wrestling match. However, even though Manning fought to defeat his father in the battle, he was easily overpowered by him and his hand was forced to the carpet. Upset over his loss, Manning was, “Too bitter to smile,” (Manning 138), while his father simply laughs at him and smiles. Throughout his essay, Manning uses arm wrestling matches between him and his…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Peyton Manning

    breakfast we decided that we would get to the game early so that we could experience all of the exciting pregame festivities. I mostly sat around and watched TV until it was time to go to the game. When it was time to go I put on my Peyton Manning jersey. Peyton Manning had always been my favorite football player even though he played for the Colts, but now since he played for my favorite team it was the best of both worlds. We got into the minivan and started on our route to the game. As…

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  • Summary Of Malcolm X: A Life Of Reinvention

    Murun Gankhuyag Professor Richard Kim History 3017 June 10th, 2016 Malcolm X A life of Reinvention Manning Marable wrote Malcolm X A life of Reinvention an incredible biography on the duration of the life of Malcolm X. Malcolm X played a very crucial role in African American history in the twentieth century. Malcolm X went through living a troubled life of crime to getting busted ending up in prison in order to find his passion in the religion of Nation of Islam. He traveled to many…

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  • The Three Key Components Of Multiculturalism

    Learning about one's own cultural identity is critical in starting a multicultural education. If a person understands the culture that they belong to they will be more likely to respect other cultures for being different. When people look at other cultures they need to see them in that culture's perspective. Blum was arguing that it is not necessary to agree with every aspect of another culture, but it is necessary to respect it (571). By seeing and respecting cultures in their view it…

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  • Malcolm X's Legacy

    legacy. Many of these articles and biographies do not give a clearly idea about Malcolm X’s character. Moreover, Malcolm X’s legacy is constructed in different ways that generate many definitions of his legacy. Manning Marable wrote a long biography about Malcolm X and his life events. Manning described different aspects of Malcolm X’s life. Hence, Malcolm is described as a thief, spirit leader, civil right leader and a self-destructive individual. In the 1960s, Malcolm was considered a radical…

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  • Cause And Effect Of The Black Arts Movement Analysis

    “Jazz, Poetry, Rap: Cause and Effect of the Black Arts Movement” by Harmonious Assembler The first article that I found about the Black Arts Movement is one about, you guessed it, the Black Arts Movement. In it, the author – Harmonious Assembler – explains to the audience that the main argument that they should focus on is the fact that only three people have driven the movement into where it is today: with music like hip-hop and rap being played. These three people they are implying are Amiri…

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  • Ama Mazama

    Manning Marable and Ama Mazama discuss in their writing what changes need to be brought about when it comes to learning Black Studies. One societal change that stood out to me was Ama Mazama called for a change in the “dilemma of professionalization.” Essentially the societal change being called upon is when learning individuals shouldn’t just stick to the definition or the ‘black and white’ way of learning. When learning we should try to understand broad concepts and make inferences about the…

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  • Racial Socialization

    Identity African American parents and grandparents play a pivotal role in the socialization of children as they help children to understand norms, roles, status, and expectations of the larger society (Mutisya & Ross, 2005). They teach, set moral standards, discipline, and provide cultural continuity in a community (McGinn, 2001). In this way, African American parents and grandparents provide a foundation to help African American children cope with and adjust to the racism and discrimination…

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  • How Did Martin Luther King Affect Society

    Samet Öksüz 218019 IR 375 Politics and Society in the USA I HAVE A DREAM Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was born in 15 January 1929 at Atlanta, Georgia. He is an American black Baptist priest and leader of the American civil rights movement. He was opposed to violence and he supports racial equality in the worldwide. He was assassinated in 1968 and before this, he won Nobel Peace Prize. In addition, King was awarded the Freedom Award by former US President Jimmy Carter in 1966. In his honor,…

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  • Value Of Reparation

    This essay will assess the value of individual reparations against corporation funding for social change. In doing so this essay will address slavery outside of the plantations. It will specifically assess the long-term effects of socioeconomic slavery and how best to calculate and address reparations. Should the U.S. government provide reparations for slavery? The answer to this is a definitive yes. The purpose of this essay is to determine how to scale this. It would require large scale…

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