Ragamuffin Gospel Reflection

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Ragamuffin Gospel Reflection
Reading the Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning was a challenge; while I agreed with his thoughts and feeling the style in which it was written I found to be very cumbersome. Then this feeling of being critical of the writing made me feel guilty because the subject and the topic is so important and many individuals give the book very high reviews. I much prefer a local Springfield, Missouri author named Jennifer Rothschild; Jennifer is a nationally renowned author and woman’s conference speaker living in the area with her husband who is on the faculty of Missouri State university. What makes Jennifer special is that while she is blind she shares amazing truths comparing her challenge to our own spiritual blindness
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I had no trouble understanding a loving heavenly father because my own regularly showed me love and grace. It was easy for me at a very young age to comprehend that I was a sinner and unable to save myself but also loved by Jesus so much that he died to take my punishment. I went along in my safe world, safe church, and safe church-school with my Christian friends until the middle of High School. When I turned 16, circumstances forced me to switch to a very large public high school and on a spiritual level it made a huge impact on my reaching out to …show more content…
Children in the bible times and even still today is some parts of the world are considered of no importance, expendable, in the way, not of any notice (Manning, 2002). But Christ noticed them just as he searches out each and every person. We each have to have a childlike faith and acceptance, trusting in the fact that we can do nothing to be good enough but that Jesus already did it all for us. Just as the little children of Christ’s day were not thought of as important, we must realize that in ourselves we are

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