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  • Sirron Norris Victorion: A Modern Art Analysis

    with young audiences as well as warning them of the future state of their community. Similarly, Judith Baca’s Great Wall of Los Angeles (1976-1984), at the Tujunga Wash Drainage Canal, San Fernando Valley, CA, illustrates a fictional and dystopian representation of the building of the Dodger stadium. Baca represents the tragic event that occurred behind the building of the Dodger stadium: the construction resulting in the forcible removal of Chicano family homes. She illustrates the forced…

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  • Personal Narrative: San Francisco Giants

    Ever since I was a child I have loved baseball. My parents let me play and watch all sports as a child, but I was drawn to baseball for as long as I can remember. I played baseball from the time I was five years old to the time I was fourteen years old, and the only thing that stopped me, was an injury. In eighth grade, I managed to tear the labrum in my left shoulder by diving for a ball and jamming the shoulder while landing. Sadly, I had to switch over to golf, but I have never lost my…

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  • Limited Liability Case Study

    Court for the Central District of California. Victoria graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing and Business Law in 2006. She is a member of the Mexican American Bar Association and the Los Angeles County Bar Association, where she serves as on the executive committee for the Barristers…

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  • Billy Corben Broke Analysis

    Billy Corben states various reasons using first and second hand evidence in his documentary “Broke” to support his overall claim that there are many different factors that play in the role of how professional athletes are caused t o make money-draining decisions that lead them to losing all their money. Overall, Billy Corben effectively persuades his claim to the audience about how athletes lose all their money. He supports his claims with the majority use of quantities evidence, personal…

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  • A Powerful Movement: League Of Legends

    A Powerful Movement Imagine a crowd of over 18,000 people all packed inside a venue, waiting for their favorite teams to step on stage and battle for a trophy (Blum). However, in this scenario the teams are not battling with your average basketball or hockey puck; they are battling with keyboards and mice. This dream became a reality when a popular esports game, League of Legends, sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City for the North American championship game. Nonetheless, success…

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  • What Is Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports

    used PED’s during his career. That was until January 11 of 2010, where McGwire admitted to using PED’s for a decade. Mark has then decided to have a career in coaching, where he has become a hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is currently the bench coach for the San Diego…

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  • How Did Baseball Change America's Pastime

    contradicted what he had told the Grand Jury in 1920, which constituted a prima facie case of perjury. The scandal wounded the White Sox franchise for years to come. It would be 1959 before Chicago would return to the World Series, losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was not until 2005 that the White Sox would return and win the World Series. Fans believed the team was cursed for tampering with the basic tenets of the game. In the 1990’s, Movies such as Field of Dreams, Eight Men Out, The…

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  • Chicago Cubs Case Study

    On October 21st, 2011, Theo Epstein took a job that many of his friends called career suicide. Epstein is the boy genius who guided the Boston Red Sox to their first World Series victory in 86 years. Epstein then chose to take on another colossal challenge by agreeing to become the President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs, who have been on a 108 -year quest to win the World Series. When Epstein was named the new President of Baseball Operations, Cubs fans would stop him on the…

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  • Segregation In Sports

    Throughout history there has been numerous accounts of cultures being oppressed by another. There is one that stands out above all: oppression of African-Americans. However, we do not refer to this era as oppression but rather segregation. Segregation is defined as “a setting apart or separation of people or things from others or from the main body or group,” in this case from Caucasians (“The Definition of Segregation”). From the day the first slaves arrived in America until 1964 when President…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Future After High School

    MY DREAMS FROM THE FUTURE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL I was trying out for the team in my middle school and,I was in my last class of my A and B day schedule. Lucky I had gym and I was trying to not do much running. On that day we did a push up test and then we saw how much our weight and our height was.After that the bell rang and I was there in gym. I was in my gym clothes after the class ended the boys who were trying out for soccer went to the gym locker and change THERE WERE ABOUT 45-50 KIDS TRYING…

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