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  • Gurgaon Case Study

    Gurgaon has emerged as a favourite destination for most of the property buyers in the National Capital Region (NCR). The main reason is the rapid infrastructural development in the city that has proven beneficial for both commercial and residential real estate in Gurgaon. Also, the developers have been selling their projects in Gurgaon as an economic and restful place for the buyers. On the other hand, Gurgaon has also become one of the biggest hubs in terms of creating jobs in the services…

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  • Redlining In Society

    somewhere, the property value increased. Therefore, it was more beneficial for companies to invest in areas wanted by whites (“Interview with Dalton Conley”). Many different parties have roles to play in the lending process: potential homeowners; real estate agents; developers, speculators, and potential landlords; lending companies; and the government. Each of these groups could unintentionally or purposely be the source of redlining. The attributes of potential homeowners- age, income, race,…

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  • Social Welfare Essay

    Introduction After years of transformation, Hong Kong has become one of the developed regions. The citizens began to pursuit a better quality of life, rather than the basic living standards. The demand for a wider scope of welfare policies grew beyond the society. The provision of social welfare has therefore become an essential element in government administration. The Hong Kong Government has offered social services to different tiers of recipients. There are existing policies aiming at…

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  • Great Recession Pros And Cons

    recognize how much of an impact the “Great Recession” has had on my life, especially in regards to adopting homeownership. This essay will be written from the perspective of someone who, because of the “Great Recession” has plain and simply, not been able to afford anything in the ways of homeownership. It is not just about the mortgage crisis, the recession, often has affected every choice someone of my era has had to make in their life thus far. The pros and cons of homeownership for…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home

    In today’s society, having a place to live in is very important. That raise the question of how one should live their lives, should one rent or should one buy a house? This decision is hard to make due to the reason that each of the choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. According to the National Association of Realtors, there will be “five to six million families that will become new renting households in the next ten years.” (Harper 2013) We might ask ourselves, why is there a…

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  • Sowparnika Case Study

    INTRODUCTION:- Sowparnika with its years of expertise in residential infrastructure has created a mark for itself within the business. With comes across Karnataka, Kerala, state and geographical area, Sowparnika comes became similar to surprisingly prime quality comes at reasonable costs. Working in synchronise with the National Vision of our Government of “Homes for All by 2020”, Sowparnika has been delivering luxury housing comes at reasonable costs. it's redefined the definition of reasonable…

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  • Narrative Essay On A New Home

    As I stood there, I could remember the day we moved in like it was yesterday. The house had been so beautiful, so large, so new, and I couldn’t believe it was mine. The day we had signed the papers, my husband had given me a nervous look and I had known exactly what he was thinking. ‘Are we sure we can afford this?’ The same thought had been bouncing around in my head too, a nagging feeling weighing down the excitement of owning a new home. My husband and I both worked full time, but even with…

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  • Foreclosure Crisis Case Study

    be able to qualify for the loan within the time of the contract. There are also rent-to-own scams all throughout the country. This is where the professional is absolutely essential. This is a risky proposition at best. But as mentioned earlier, life is all about risk. The good thing about rent-to-own is that both parties are taking a good sized risk. Do the homework on a deal like this. Make a strong commitment to both saving and credit repair. Become a Boomerang…

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  • Gentrification In New Orleans

    warded off territories of New Orleans’ inner city, whether it may be uptown, downtown or in between are increasingly being overrun by a younger, more affluent race of white upper and middle class investors, eager with thoughts of redevelopment, real estate trends and revitalization. Similarly too what’s being seen in other major cities like New York, where blighted historic neighborhoods are being revitalized at a feverish pitch. An old saying states that, “either you change with the time…

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  • The Poor Pay All Analysis

    provide jobs for the upper and middle classes. The poor also aids the upward mobility of groups just about them in the class hierarchy (Gans 1971). Meaning that the poor help keep the classes above them going and sticking to their usual status in life. Also, that they exist to support the other classes, just like before the American Revolution when Great Britain used the idea of mercantilism. Mercantilism is the idea that the…

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