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  • Revolution: The Real Cause Of The French Revolution

    the very people that are supposed to be helping them prosper in life, the government. This is exactly what Benjamin Franklin believes to the truth, and what the people of France in 1789 found to be a stark reality. The peasants, typically farmers, and the Bourgeoisie, France’s wealthiest class, felt that their chances to better their lives were being restricted by their own government. Shortly after this consensus the Third Estate, which was another name for this group of people, followed in…

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  • Career Essay: A Career As A Real Estate Agent

    Example Career Essay– Real Estate Agent From the list of careers, I chooses the real estate agent. I picked the real estate agent because my mother has a freind that is a real estate agent and she seems to enjoy her career. Her is always talking about the houses that she is trying to sell and it sounds interesting. And I think that I would like to help people buy or sell their house. I have always find how houses look and how the house is designed interesting. A real estate agent help people…

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  • King Louis Xvi's Impact On The Rise Of The French Revolution

    social classes called estates. At the top was the king and below him was the first estate that consisted of the clergy and priests. Below them was the second estate and this is where the nobles stood. Lastly at the bottom was the third estate and this was made up of the majority of the population and they were known as commoners. Life wasn’t easy at the time especially because France was in an economic crisis. Our story will follow the life of “Billy”, a peasant in the third estate. We will get…

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  • In Abbe Sieyes, What Is The Third Estate Sympathist?

    be the third estate and everyone riding on him would be the first and second. The author of this source would have been a third estate sympathist, showing that the third estate was the backbone or the horse that carried the other estates around. The third estate being made up of the majority of people had to give the most. They paid more taxes and no say in government they were blindly led around chained to the never ending chain of poverty. Abbe Sieyes, a friend to the third estate tried to…

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  • Laura Joyner Interview Summary

    1. Interview Summary Report I chose to interview Laura Joyner, an Arizona Coldwell Banker realtor for this project. As soon as I read the project description, I knew I wanted to interview a realtor—I will be graduating with a Real Estate minor come Spring 2018, and possibly become a realtor myself. Coldwell Banker is nationally known, and I even saw their lawn signs growing up in Pennsylvania. Therefore, I searched on the Coldwell Banker website for a successful female agent in the Phoenix area,…

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  • Ap Euro Dbq French Revolution

    The French Revolution had many causes for its occurrence including, but not limited to, their leader, unfair treatment of the estates, and poor living conditions of the lower class. This led the people to revolt and made life even more chaotic for the residents of France. Their government, an absolute monarchy, gave King Louis XVI the right to do whatever he wanted for the “well-being” of France. As explained in Document 1, “He ruled by the divine right theory which held that he had received…

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  • The Ancien Regime: The French Revolution

    example of a country’s struggle to form a democratic government. France had an incredibly repressive social system called the Ancien Regime. The Ancien Regime was made up of three different estates and the people of France were set into those estates…

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  • Propertyfox Case Study

    SUBHEAD: Crispin Inglis and Ashley James have known each other for as long as PropertyFox has been in existence and have formed a strong team over the years. Together, they help their customers save money when selling their real estate, by charging as little as 1.5% commission on each property sold. PULL QUOTE: “The inspiration came from seeing the inefficiencies of the current system and the costs involved in selling ones most valuable asset, their home. This gave rise to the passion behind…

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  • American Revolution Vs French Revolution Dbq Essay

    In the third estate in France, the people were not treated as equal as the people in the estates above them. Document #5 describes this situation when it says: “Every citizen has the right to participate personally or through his representative in its formation. ...All citizens, being equal in the eyes of…

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  • Social Changes During The Enlightenment

    sparked through the poor conditions of the lower classes, such conditions as we 've seen during the industrial revolution for example. Unfortunately most societal change if not all has only been obtained through bloody fights and the loss of human life. Although these changes take a step in the right direction, they never solve all of society 's problems, though the existence of such a solution may not exist. These changes, please the general public for a while , but inevitably society reenters…

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