Property Appraiser Career

Introduction According to the Canadian Real Estate Association the current nature of real estate market in Canada stays stable with high capacity for borrowing providing favorable conditions for potential investors and gives an opportunity to the variety of careers in this industry to stay sustainable and attractive (CREA, 2016). Real estate industry provides multiple distinguish careers, however there are three of them that I consider most interesting to me. They are: property appraiser career, property manager career and real estate analyst career.

Property Appraiser Career The first career option in real estate that I consider attractive to me is Property Appraiser Career. The basic nature of work, being real estate appraiser, is estimating
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The fist one is to be responsible for rent. The property manager must know how to set up the rent for an apartment unit, building or house (Eberlin, 2014). Ideally, the rent amount that property manager wishes to set up is one that brings most profit. However, the competitive nature of real estate business allows tenant to chose among many other places, so property manager has a task to determine the price considering all factors that could increase and decrease the rent. These factors could be the view, updates, square footage, the layout, and floor level. Property manager must know the golden rule that the most accurate rent is on par with the competition (Issid, n.d,). Moreover, it is important to collect the rent form tenants. According to the law, property manager could increase the rent by a certain percentage that varies from province to province. Marketing the property to acquire new tenants is another deity of a property manager. The property should always be filled, so property manager establishes the contracts for a specific amount of time tenant could lease the room or an apartment so property manager could make a waiting list for a potential new tenants when the lease agreement is about to end. What is more important for property manager is to monitor his tenants and the property. In other words, the property manager does a regular screening process to find the perfect candidate for a tenancy by setting up a personal interviews and checking the criminal background, and do regular revisions for property for maintenance purposes (Penner, 2014). There are many employees who are under the property manager control. For example, securities, concierge, etc. and the property manager is responsible for making sure that all these people are doing their job right. The property manager is also obligated to operate with set up budget and

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