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  • The Importance Of Poverty In The Workplace

    When the user sees the layout the home page they will notice that the colors are not too bright and the template is limited to three main colors, light green, light orange and one shout out in red for donations. The graphics are limited to one main picture and a few thumbnails, with a statement…

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  • Xyz Foods Vs China Case Study

    Unlike the other global markets, the Chinese market tends to be quite unique. While the United States market proves to be quite expensive for most companies to operate in, the new environment is much cheaper. The stringent regulations put in place by the government to regulate the market in the US market are more flexible within the Chinese market. It is therefore expecting that some of the costs incurred in the old environment will be cut down in the new market in China. As a management…

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  • Joomla Case Study

    Joomla is a content management system (CMS) and popular software for websites and online applications. It is an open source easy to use solution and is freely available to all. With its scalable MVC design pattern it is an ideal base for web applications and used to construct, manage and publish content in blogs, intranets, websites and mobile applications. Joomla hosting has a wide following with over 3 percent of the web and over 9 percent of CMS market share. It boasts of over half a million…

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  • Web Analytics

    How many unique visitors (a visitor visiting the website at least once during a particular session time)? What pages did the visitor visit on the site? with the help of tools like Google Analytics, Unica, ClickTracks and others. But it could not answer the important question of why a visitor did something that he did on the site. The scope of web analytics expanded…

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  • Kaushik Web Analytics

    The webmaster has to make a decision about how fast he wants the page to load and how explicit he wants to be in the indexing of his site. For this purpose he has to ponder certain elements: what size and what resolution will the site use in its images and videos? What is the internet speed that is ideal for this site…

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  • The Importance Of Eye Tracking

    rectangular, client modifiable portlets on a page. Each of seven members explored over numerous pages while leading six particular assignments, for example, expelling a connection from a portlet. Particular trial inquiries incorporated whether eye following inferred parameters were identified with page succession or client activities going before page visits, (2) whether clients were one-sided to voyaging vertically or on a level plane while seeing a page, and (3) whether particular sub-elements…

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  • Techniques Of Front End Optimization (FEO)

    End Optimization focuses on digging into the code and reducing file sizes or the number of requests needed for a given web page to fully load. Here, several methods are used to streamline the HTML codes and resources to make it easier and faster for the web browser to load pages. As a website becomes larger and continues to use more JavaScript, CSS and Ajax, more…

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  • Importance Of Web Analytics

    justified decisions. It helps to retain existing visitors, to attract new visitors and to increase traffic. Web allow access to enormous amount of consumer behavior from various geographical locations, their maximum visits and repeated views to particular page. It gives ease to understand customers in an online world than offline world. Web analytics helps to identify new opportunities and insights. Understanding…

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  • Ministry Of Justice Website Summary

    appeal to the target audience, page layout, browser compatibility, navigation, use of colour and graphics, multimedia, content presentation, functionality, and accessibility. The Ministry of Justice website defines the website to “deliver court and tribunal…

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  • Symbolism In The Film American Sniper

    Jakob Neilson, a web usability consultant, found that people don 't read during every single second of a page visit. (Perez). The film American Sniper, uses a website to promote the films rhetorical aim that even in superhuman individuals a relatable vulnerability prevails. American Sniper’s website utilizes multimodal components and literary elements such as: photographs, musical features, symbolisms, appeals to ethos, angles of vision, and nutshell text to strengthen the promotion of the site.…

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