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  • The Lonely Street Short Story Analysis

    95k* on Tata Cars. Hurry - Har Din All Win! The Lonely Street by Zahra Rizvi (short story).docx Page 1 of 2 The Lonely Street By Zahra Rizvi, English (H) 2nd year Section A Zoya Muzaffarpuri looked at her new painting with a slight frown. Over her eighteen year- long successful and famous career she had never encountered what she felt right now…

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  • Blogs, Wikis And Podcasts Essay

    Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts are all examples of social software which are computer tools that allow people to connect, to communicate and to collaborate on-line. Blogs, wikis and podcasts, deals with social software in which a variety of social users have the opportunity to include their own matters. Among these, podcasts are significant for the language teachers because teachers find difficult to find resources for pronunciation with a variety of accents and registers…

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  • Conclusion Of Virtual Community

    One of the biggest things gathered around by research of many webmaster and researchers is that users will interact in an environment where they feel that what they are discussing will be considered important. For example if there is a community of people who are generally 30+ years old and the main topic of discussion going around is the latest “Harry Potter” book the users will be not interested in keeping up with the community because they are least interested the topics which are being…

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  • Case Study: The Teacher's Pet Design

    Home Page – Login Input Data Elements To get access to the system, the users input username and password. The inputs are of VarChar data type with 10 characters limit. They will be passed by value to the database. 4.5.3 Output Data Elements Identifier Description Data Type Limit/Range Destination(s) Output Method isSuccessful Message Bool 0 = False 1 = True Home Page GUI Table 2. Home Page – Login Output Data Elements The output is of boolean type…

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  • HTML5: Hyper Text Market Up Language Analysis

    In the initial stages, it was difficult for me to follow industry standard. With the help of other employees, I could learn many new technologies and could implement them in the project. I learnt how to use Dreamweaver to create and design many web pages. In my school I was responsible to know only the theoretical aspect of coding, but when I was working as an intern at ClientServer Technology Solutions I experienced the real time environment of coding and how it goes in developing the…

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  • Denaturation Of Proteins Lab Report

    First, we ignored pages 9 and 10 of the instructions (which describe the procedure for preparing the gel), because the 3% agarose gels containing SDS had already been prepared for us by Dr. Kuruvilla’s lab assistant. Once we obtained our gels in the lab, we followed Dr. Kuruvilla’s outline of the instructions listed on pages 11 and 13. We followed the preparatory instructions numbered 2-6 on page 11 exactly, but we modified the procedure prescribed on page 13. We used pre-stained proteins…

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  • Zillow Case Study Essay

    Introduction In this case study, the business of in providing real estate information to all users to its website is explored, and the use of business intelligence by in its offering to customer, and the way it uses a data mart to market its new product, are discussed. In addition, this case study includes a discussion of various characteristics of information quality as seen from Zillow’s perspective, and how Zillow is using a data-driven website. Analysis Background of…

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  • Definition Essay: What Is Wikipedia Inaccurate?

    What is Wikipedia? Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia used for finding what some people call “facts”, information, details and content about a certain person, place or thing. Some people would rate Wikipedia pretty high simply because its always the first site that pops up when looking for answers to a logical question or even going as far as to determining the context of a statement. Others would rate Wikipedia extremely low simply because anyone is eligible to place their own thoughts and…

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  • Involving Families Through Internet-Based Communication

    The article provides important information in how we can communicate with parents using technology. As a parent It is important to always have a good communication with our children teachers or school. In this article we going to learn how to engage it, it provides us tips for Involving Families through Internet-Based Communication. Starting with the research, the research is clear that a family 's involvement in their child 's early education improves outcomes in areas such as the child 's…

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  • The Importance Of Poverty In The Workplace

    When the user sees the layout the home page they will notice that the colors are not too bright and the template is limited to three main colors, light green, light orange and one shout out in red for donations. The graphics are limited to one main picture and a few thumbnails, with a statement…

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