Persuasive Essay On Banning Boxing

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“The tempt for greatness is the biggest drug in the world.” – Mike Tyson former heavy weight champion of the world. For decades boxing has been one of the most brutal and toughest sports yet it's also called the noble art and it's one of the top entertaining sports all over the world for the action it brings when two strong fighters get in the ring and give all what they've got and put everything on the line in order to win .Although it sounds cool when talking about that sport but there's an issue that has been brought up each now and then along the boxing history which is whether we should ban boxing or not .lots of scientific researches supported the fact that fighters are exposed to the risk of brain damage but another group doesn't believe in that case which makes us stand overwhelmed and ask ourselves aren't we supposed to take action towards that issue ?”The …show more content…
“A head injury can increase susceptibility to Alzheimer’s later in life” Dr Luise Shcmidt. After a wide research he and his research team from the university of Pennsylvania’s centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases Research it was found that the continuous punching in the head caused syndrome through the activation of mechanisms like the ones that cause Alzheimer’s . In 1983 the British medical association declared in an official statement its serious objection on boxing and that it must be banned but that was not taken into account . A research was held by Association of Neurological Surgeons it stated that 90% of fighters suffer from a brain damage/injury at a certain level during their athletic career .Along the history of boxing fighters have experienced many tragedies from injuries and serious diseases to death . is really overwhelming and becoming so irritating after Hamzah Aljahmi a 19 year old boxer from Michigan passed out in 2015 after having a brain injury

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