The History Of Weightlifting

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Throughout history, testing ones strength or power has been very popular in many cultures. Men have always challenged other men, hoping to be stronger than the other. Through history, tests of strength of stood the time of man. The history of weightlifting has displayed both male and female, competing in feats of strength.
Weightlifting took place in the 10th century with China’s Zhou Dynasty, around 256 B.C. Military recruits were required to be able to pass feats of strength to be able to serve in the military (Sheehan, 2015). Sculptures from ancient Greece reveal Greeks lifting hefty stones. Greeks eventually replaced big stones for aboriginal dumbbells. Ancient Egyptian cultures also depicted the sport of weightlifting. They used
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Metandienone or Methandienone is better known as Dianabol. In a study conducted on Methandienone, men who conducted athletic training, strength, and performance exercises, outperformed men who were given a placebo. Although, they did not outperform the placebo group by too much. The test subjects given the Methandienone, gained more weight and had more of an increase in total body potassium and muscle dimension. It was unknown if this extra weight was due to growth of skeletal muscle or intracellular fluid. When they ran the study again, they used seven male weightlifters on a regular training program, but also measured the total body nitrogen. They gave a dose of 100mg of Dianabol a day to some subjects and a placebo to the others. This testing period lasted for six weeks. Potassium, Nitrogen, muscle size, and leg strength improved considerably with the subjects who took the drug, but not with the placebo group. The increased body nitrogen proved that the weight gain was not all intercellular fluid. The escalation of nitrogen and potassium were too large in quantity of weight gain for it to be credited to be lean muscle or normal muscle tissue. Even though methandienone is labeled as an anabolic, the weight produced is not typical muscle (Hervey et al., …show more content…
This is a medical condition that causes fat to build around the pectoral muscles in men. It leads to “man boobs” or having a feminine looking chest (Dianabol Review).
When an athlete uses Dianabol, they are very enthused or excited during training. However, outside of training it can leave the athlete feeling depressed or even create mood swings of aggression (Dianabol Review). It can make its users become more risk takers, getting them into predicaments they would not normally be in.
Dianabol or any steroid creates excessive testosterone. Excessive testosterone is broken down to estrogen by a chemical called dihydrotestosterone. This chemical negatively effects hair growth on the scalp, body, or face. Excessive use can lead to baldness (Dianabol Review).
The future of drug use and weightlifting is hard to tell. When there is a way to get a leg up on the competition, most athletes will do whatever it takes. However, steroids may eventually become a thing of the past and athletes will move to gene doping. Anabolic steroids will most likely never become obsolete, but with advance methods available, athletes will likely move onto another genetically modified

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