Steroids Should Not Be Allowed In Sports

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Lance Armstrong was always one of the top cyclists and has won seven Tour De Frances. But, a couple of years ago, he was stripped of his yellow jerseys and was ultimately banned from cycling. All of this happened because when Armstrong was cycling, he was taking steroids to get ahead of the rest of the competition. When it comes to the issue of using steroids in sports, there are several disagreements. While some believe that steroids should be allowed in sports, others maintain that they should only be allowed in certain circumstances. Despite objections, steroids should not be allowed in sports under any circumstances. Athletes should be allowed to take steroids in sports in order to make the game more exciting and they do not increase …show more content…
Athletes are viewed as being fit and healthy, but when they take performance enhancing drugs they may look strong on the outside but internally they are damaging their health and, “it 's toxic to everyone involved, including the doper, as the psychological damage can be huge” (Routley). Athletes dope to get ahead in their sport but they do not know the psychological damage they could encounter. For the rest of their lives they will have to be careful and keep looking over their shoulder to make sure no one finds out about them taking steroids. They also do not know the damage that they are doing to their body including, “liver damage, premature heart attacks and strokes, elevated cholesterol levels, and weakened tendons” (“Anabolic Steroids”). These are only a couple of the many side effects caused by using steroids. Many of the side effects change the parts of the body that are affected by testosterone due to the levels of testosterone in the drug. Many of the side effects can be extremely dangerous, but the steroids that are unsafe are harder to detect than the ones that are not as threatening. Sports are about showing what talents “all athletes and players contain within themselves [and having] the resources they need to bring out their personal best, doping diverts sport away from its true purpose. It prevents it from being a school for human behaviour” (Commission). Athletes want to be the best they can at their sport, but sometimes their best is not good enough to get noticed so they do anything to become better, which leads them to doping. When an athlete dopes they do not think it will affect much until they start destroying their competition and make the sport not fun anymore because they have taken out the competitiveness. Sports have always been exciting and entertaining for everyone involved. But, with the increased use of

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