How Did Liston Fight Chuvalo?

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On May 25th 1965 at St.Dominic's Hall in Lewiston Maine, Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston got into the ring for the second time. Liston lost to Ali by KO at 2:12 in round one of fifthteen. Ali caught Liston on the chin with a solid, short, counter right hand over a lazy left jab, “ the phantom punch” causing Liston to collapse to the rings floor. There are people who were there and had witnessed the fight who still to this day, claim that it was a fixed fight. George Chuvalo was ABSOLUTELY convinced that an Ali Punch could not deliver that much damage, as he climbed through the ropes and shoved Ali, yelling, "Fix!" He was restrained, but later he said that he had seen Liston's eyes while the challenger was on the floor, and he knew …show more content…
With 73 wins, some would call him a reliable source because of his boxing experience and credentials. But from the beginning, he stated very bias opinions on how he felt about the fight. In multiple interviews before/after the fight, Chuvalo said he wanted liston to win. If Liston was to win he would go on to fight Chuvalo, giving Chuvalo the opportunity to win the world title. Since Ali won the fight Chuvalo was denied the opportunity to fight Sonny Liston for the title and ultimately it robbed him of his chances of fulfilling his dreams. his skepticism on the fight came quickly after Liston's lost without even analyzing it because his mind was already made up that Liston was going to win and they would fight next. Chuvalo only other excuse on why he thought the fight was fixed was that he seen His eyes were moving from side to side. he said, "When a fighter is hurt his eyes roll up." However, Dr. Carroll L. Witten, former Kentucky State Boxing Commissione, who had studied the reactions of knocked out fighters, said, "Chuvalo is wrong. The side-to-side movement of eyes is connected with temporary unconsciousness and is one of the first things you look for. It is called

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