Lawrence Ellison Entrepreneur

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Success, power, and money are the three things that make up an iconic entrepreneur. Lawrence Ellison has those and more; an innovative entrepreneur who created a company that helped advanced technology. Ellison is the CEO and founder of Oracle Corporations. He used his experience and knowledge learned from jobs he had done previously to create this software, because he had little education in software development. He dropped out of college twice and moved to California on a whim of finding something he would enjoy (Prophet Software). Being told he was worthless and wouldn’t go anymore by his family only helped fuel him to become better. Being the founder of the company he only wants the best for it. He is always hand on, and being 69 years old he has no plans of retiring soon. He doesn’t take bonuses when the company offers them. He always wants the best for his company. Lawrence Ellison is an American icon because of his advances in database programming, …show more content…
In a business there are different parts like CEO, CFO, finance director, tax manager, payroll director, and budget director. All the parts help coordinate a business. Lawrence Ellison is an entrepreneur, who created the company Oracle Corporations. The company deals with database software. Which handles the storage, retrieval, and updating of data in a computer system. This software contains programming, set up so that you can retrieve any information in the database at any time. Ellison is the CEO of Oracle Corporations, knowing he isn’t the best to represent the company anymore he is stepping down from CEO to finical manager. He now deals with the stocks and the money portion of the company. Lawrence Ellison owns “25% of Oracle Stocks” (Francis). This is one of the ways Ellison gets paid, is through the stock shares he owns. He also deals with the stocks in his company because he saved Oracle from bankruptcy managing their stocks wisely in previous

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